Uncommon Facts About Pressure Washing Public Toilets and Commercial Kitchens

08 March 2023

The bathroom and the kitchen are often the areas in a business facility with the highest germs. There is a possibility that not all dirt and debris can be removed even by having a professional do a comprehensive cleaning. Even with specialist cleaning chemicals, removing mould and mildew from space may be challenging. Having a professional give a business kitchen or bathroom a power washing is the best way to get those spaces as clean as possible.

Most Effective Cleaning Technique

In most commercial kitchens and bathrooms, the floors and walls are covered with tile, and the tile is usually grouted. Even though these are easier to clean than painted or wallpapered walls and carpeted floors, getting them as clean as possible can still be difficult. Mould and mildew tend to grow in a bathroom’s damp and humid atmosphere, and food stains, mildew, and filth typically cling to the walls and floors of industrial kitchens. Cleaning the floors with a mop and using a sponge to wipe down the walls will not effectively reach the debris embedded deep inside the grout.

Best Deep Cleaning Mechanism

When you clean tiled surfaces with a mop or a cleaner, the debris might be pushed deeper into the grout, which is impossible to reach with conventional cleaning instruments. A high-pressure washer is the most effective method for cleaning tile and grout stained or otherwise soiled. This equipment injects a high-pressure stream of water and cleaning solution into the grout, which loosens the dirt and debris lodged in the cracks and crevices. The water, the chemicals, and the debris are all instantly extracted by a high-powered vacuuming operation.

Longer Cleaning and Sanitised Effect

After power washing a tiled area, the cleaning expert will dry the surface and apply a sealer. This sealer will prevent future stains and debris from adhering to the tile. After the sealer has had sufficient time to dry, the area in question, whether the bathroom or the kitchen, is ready to be used and offers enhanced defence against anything thrown it’s way. The tile and grout will continue to be clean, and the atmosphere will be healthier due to the sealer used on this surface. Mildew and mould will not be able to survive against the sealer.

The Importance of Regular Cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness in business kitchens and toilets is important so that residents and visitors have a favourable image of the establishment. Eliminating mould and mildew protects individuals from exposure to potentially hazardous compounds, such as those that can set off allergic reactions and other kinds of responses. At a minimum, once a year, building managers should have the restrooms and kitchens in their facilities power cleansed, and in high-traffic areas, this task should be performed more regularly.

Using the Right Tools and Equipment

It is fairly uncommon for in-house janitorial employees to lack training in power washing; therefore, it will be necessary to hire commercial cleaning services. Building managers should seek a business that specialises in power cleaning commercial bathrooms and kitchens and charges affordable pricing today. The cleaners will use chemical solutions and equipment that will loosen the material and then extract it from the tile and grout, leaving the area appearing brand new once they are through.

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