Commercial Kitchen Cleaning: Hire Professionals to Pass Health and Safety Inspections

09 January 2023

Restaurants, cafés, schools, colleges, and corporations have commercial kitchens. They are substantially larger than a domestic kitchen and need much more cleaning and sanitising.

We will examine how commercial kitchens vary from domestic kitchens, why it is necessary to keep them clean, and how a professional cleaning service may assist your commercial kitchen cleaning needs in this blog article.

What Distinguishes Commercial Kitchens from Domestic Kitchens

Commercial kitchens differ from home kitchens in several ways. Commercial kitchens must follow various regulatory rules since they prepare meals for the broader public rather than private homes. Furthermore, commercial kitchens must contain a diverse selection of cooking stations to accommodate the many types of food being made, including cooking, grilling, baking, frying, and at least one prep station.

Each space must be spacious enough to accommodate personnel functioning securely within it. Most commercial kitchens will include many sinks, a microwave, walk-in freezers and refrigerators, burners, ovens, and plenty of counter space. Cross-contamination must be avoided at all costs in commercial kitchens, and due to the huge amount of food handled, extra counter space for food is frequently required. Commercial kitchens, on average, have more going on than residential kitchens, necessitating more regular and efficient cleaning.

Significance Of Keeping Commercial Kitchens Clean

Because commercial kitchens are used for extended periods, keeping everything clean and in good working order is critical. A lack of regular care and cleaning can drastically reduce the lifespan and efficacy of many kitchen appliances. The accumulation of oil and grease residue on stove grates can hinder the stove’s ability to heat items evenly and represent a fire hazard. Failure to clean a sink correctly can quickly result in a build-up of lime and other minerals and rust in the faucet head. Neglecting any section of a kitchen during cleaning promotes cross-contamination, bacteria development, and fire concerns, and with most restaurants’ hectic schedules, little details may sometimes go missing.

Why Should You Engage A Commercial Cleaning Company For Your Company?

Maintaining a clean commercial kitchen is essential for many reasons, including being up to date on health code and food regulations and ensuring your clients have the finest eating and culinary experience possible.

A professional commercial cleaning service will also have the necessary tools, equipment, expertise, and knowledge to complete the task successfully and swiftly. Commercial Cleaning Corporation employs ecological cleaning methods, eliminating the chance of toxic chemicals polluting the food or the facility.

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