Our Vehicles

Australian Commercial Maintenance has a fleet of highly maintained vehicles ready to go when you need them. These vehicles come standard with pressure washers and water tanks fitted.

Our vehicles are also fitted with flashing beacons to ensure visibility even in the worst weather conditions.

All the vehicles have policy and procedure manuals which include copies of tickets held by staff, MSDS’s and SWMS which can be tailored to site specific if the need arises.

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Pressure Washing

Australian Commercial Maintenance offers specialised pressure washing services.We are continuing to build a strong presence in commercial pressure washing sector.

Hot water pressure washing unit available to remove the deepest ingrained dirt and grime. Powerful and efficient this machine uses little to no chemicals making it environmentally friendly.

Capable of washing buildings both externally and internally including suitable types of flooring to eliminate the most stubborn of stains.

We carry equipment to wash down heights of up to 40 meters and all staff are trained in boom and scissor lift operations.

Pressure Washing 1Pressure Washing 2

Commercial Cleaning

Australian Commercial Maintenance is capable and experienced in general cleaning of offices, universities, council buildings, factories, leisure centres, libraries, aquatic centres, recreational facilities, early learning centres and maternal child health centres.


We offer monthly reporting on contracts if requested.

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Council Cleaning

ACM is currently working with various councils within Victoria.Servicing a wide range of areas we choose to employ locals from the contract area rather than use subcontractors.

Communication books are utilised within council buildings to advise of any additional needs that may be required.

We work with you to ensure a cleaning schedule is created to individual specifications and requirements.

Australian Commercial Maintenance allocate a supervisor to each contract to ensure standards are met and maintained for the life of the contract.

Council Cleaning 1

Public Toilets

Australian Commercial Maintenance has a high level of experience cleaning public toilets and amenities. Staff will attend each site according to the contract stipulations to clean, restock, wipe down and pressure wash if required. ACM staff will also advise supervisors if there is an issue at any site whilst in attendance which can then either be rectified or reported on to relevant persons.

Public BBQs

All staff are trained in outdoor BBQ cleaning. Using a pressure washer, elbow grease and our own BBQ cleaning blocks.These BBQ blocks are an environmentally friendly abrasive stone specifically designed for cleaning.

They are 100% recycled glass which make them user friendly, non toxic and most importantly environmentally friendly.


Child Care Centres

ACM works within Early Learning Centres and Maternal Child Health Centres. Working with centre staff for both daily and weekly cleaning schedules and the more intense periodical cleaning invloving a “top to bottom” approach to cleaning the centres. All staff invloved in cleaning ELCs and MCHCs hold current working with children checks. Communication books are utilised at all centres enabling staff to advise of any issue or need that may arise.

Window Washing

As well as standard external and internal window washing we also offer a specialised purified water machine to wash windows eliminating streaks and smudges.This specialised machine is a recent upgrade to our machinery.

Window Washing 1
Window Washing 2

Graffiti Cleaning

Australian Commercial Maintenance can handle the hardest spots when it comes to graffiti removal.We have experience in removal from all types of surfaces including but not limited to concrete, glass and perspex.


ACM also have staff that hold white cards and traffic management qualifications so we can take care of all your traffic management and pedestrian management needs including equipment and vehicles.

Graffiti Cleaning 1
Graffiti Cleaning 2

Vinyl Strip and Seal

Experienced staff can strip, seal and top polish your flooring whether it be an office setting, basketball court or a velodrome.
Vinyl Strip and Seal 1
Vinyl Strip and Seal 2

Gum Removal

Specialised gum removal machine has just been added to our fleet. Capable of removing years of gum build up in literal seconds at the press of a button.