Make It MAKO: Cleaning Grills With BBQ Cleaning Blocks

24 October 2022

Professional cooks have kept grills spotless for decades, thanks to grill bricks. As a less hazardous alternative to using wire grill brushes, bricks for the grill are quickly gaining favour among home grill masters due to their low cost and ease of usage.

Bricks for the grill, instead of wire brushes, do not collect carbon or food aromas, do not become clogged with grease, and do not shed tiny bits of metal when used. Additionally, they are better for public health and the natural environment. In addition, using these helpful hints will elevate your barbeque to a level that sets it apart from all the others.

What Exactly Is a Grill Brick?

Grill bricks are tiny blocks predominantly constructed of pumice stone and are utilized to remove oil and carbon buildup from different grills and griddles. Pumice has a mild abrasive quality, which makes it ideal for cleaning the most stubborn filth without harming or removing any non-stick coating. Pumice has this feature. When you use the grill brick, the pumice shatters into a fine grit that quickly loosens sticky food and oily filth. This requires minimal effort on your part. Bricks for the barbeque are all-natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. They may be reused several times before being disposed of without negatively influencing the environment.

How to Make Use of a Grill Brick

Place the grill brick on the surface of the cooking area, and then move it back and forth along the grate openings while applying just minimal pressure. This will result in grooves forming where the grill bricks come into contact with the grates. Raise the grill brick and position the tracks to correspond with the subsequent region to be cleaned. After cleaning, remove any lingering pumice dust from the grates by rinsing them or wiping them off with a damp paper towel. Learn about the many types of grill fuels if you start grilling.

Even little effort is required to clean a griddle. It is sufficient to line up one side of the skillet with one edge of the grill brick. It would help if you cleaned the griddle by moving from one side to the other while moving the grill brick back and forth from top to bottom. The next step is to rinse. Explore some further innovative suggestions for cleaning. You should be able to get at least six cleanings out of a single brick cleaning solution. However, at some point, you will need to have it replaced since each time a grill brick is used, it reaches a new surface level of wear and tear. If you buy in bulk, however, the cost of replacing grill bricks should be about comparable to the cost of replacing a grill brush on an annual basis.

Where Else Can You Purchase Grill Bricks?

Here at Australian Commercial Maintenance, you’ll find that Mako cleaning blocks are available for purchase.

To clean a dirty BBQ grill, hold a Mako cleaning block in your hand, position it against the grill, and then slide it firmly forwards and backward. It will astound you when you see how simple it is to remove oil and food that has been baked on. There is no need to worry about leaving a hazardous mess behind since Mako cleaning blocks are manufactured from one hundred per cent recyclable materials and do not include any chemicals that might harm the environment.

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