How Do You Use Mako Cleaning Blocks for Barbecue Grills?

03 December 2018

People everywhere love to barbecue food, but when it comes time to clean up, no one looks forward to cleaning a dirty, gritty grill. Of all the jobs around the house, cleaning the BBQ grill is the most difficult, that is because most people put it off until it becomes absolutely necessary to clean it.

Because cleaning a dirty grill is tough work, many people turn to metal scrapers and wire barbecue brushes to get the job done. However, there are some serious health concerns when using wire brushes to clean BBQ grills. For example, after cleaning, wire bristles from barbecue wire brushes have been known to get on food that people eat. This has resulted in serious abdominal pain that requires an emergency room visit to remove wire bristles from the stomach.

A much safer, cleaner, and easier way to clean your barbecue grill, rather than use a wire brush, is to use Mako cleaning blocks.

Mako Cleaning Blocks Make Cleaning Barbecue Grills Easy

If you have a party or family get together planned, and you want a safe and easy way to clean your BBQ grill, to make it look like new, then use a Mako cleaning block. There is nothing that works better than Mako cleaning blocks, as they can scour through even the toughest baked on grease and the worst grime, much easier than any barbecue wire brush.

You will be amazed at how easy and effective it is to use, as you watch baked on grease and grime just peel away with every stroke the Mako cleaning block makes over your dirty grill. To use, simply wear a pair of rubber dish washing gloves to hold the Mako cleaning block, and then press it firmly against your grill and begin sliding it forward and back to remove built up grease and grime, it’s that easy and safe to use.

Mako BBQ cleaning blocks are made from 100% recyclable materials, contain no harmful chemicals, and are environmentally friendly, effective, and simple to use. Made from reprocessed recyclable glass that is finely crushed and pressed into a block form, the cleaning blocks are specially designed to bite through even the toughest baked on grease.

Not only are they safe to handle and use, but Mako BBQ cleaning blocks can also be used on hot surfaces, which makes it possible to clean BBQ grills shortly after finishing cooking.

You can obtain Mako BBQ cleaning blocks at Australian Commercial Maintenance – premier commercial cleaners in Melbourne.

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