Why Every Commercial Cleaning Company Must Comply with Proper Cleaning Audits and SWMS

13 December 2018

If you are a contractor or business owner, and you need the services of a commercial cleaning company, then you should understand why every commercial cleaning company must comply with proper cleaning audits and SWMS.

A SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement), is an important document that defines and outlines the risks and hazardous activities that are to be carried out at various work places, and the measures that need to be taken to control and manage those activities safely.

Duty holders, referred to as PCBU (a person conducting a business or undertaking), such as commercial cleaning companies that will undergo any high risk activity in connection with a construction project, are required to submit a SWMS to the principle contractor, before any activity or work begins. Duty holders are also to keep a copy for themselves, so that it can be readily available for inspection to ensure they are being compliant.

For the sake of everyone, the SWMS will state the established requirements to be carried out to conduct hazardous work in a safe manner. It is constantly updated and evolves over time according to the high risk work that is needed to be done. In this way, a SWMS is living document, as the SWMS must be updated prior to each new high risk job.

Because of the availability of ready-made templates, it is easy to customise and update a SWMS to meet specific needs.

Every Commercial Cleaning Company Must Comply with an Onsite SWMS

The importance of an onsite safe work method statement (SWMS) can’t be over emphasised enough, as it is there to help workers, supervisors, and contractors, such as
commercial cleaning companies, to understand the vital requirements that have been established to conduct high risk work safely.

Because nearly every commercial and industrial construction project have professional commercial cleaning contractors onsite conducting many types of tasks, the SWMS is a vital instrument that ensures their safety, as it identifies potential hazards, describes control measures for hazardous work and outlines work activities in efficient, safe, and logical sequences.

Every commercial cleaning company or PCBU must comply with an onsite SWMS, as it will provide construction supervisors, contractors, property owners, and workers with contact information and pertinent details of persons that are carrying out any hazardous work. This includes the specific names of workers who will be directly engaged in any high risk work, as well as those responsible for ensuring the monitoring and compliance of said work.

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