Vinyl Floor Strip and Seal Services: What is this Cleaning Process?

08 November 2018

Modern day floor care includes all types of flooring, and while wooden and tile floors are still common, the use of linoleum or vinyl have become very popular in Victoria.

As vinyl flooring is used more and more, vinyl floor strip and seal services are in demand. Maintenance and care is needed to maintain the protective layer of vinyl called the sealer, which gives that distinctive shine that it is known for. The cleaning process that can bring back the new look to existing vinyl flooring is fairly simple, but it does involve professional attention to detail, experience and training, and the right tools and equipment to produce the best results.

The Cleaning Process of Vinyl Floor Strip and Seal Services of Australian Commercial Maintenance

At Australian Commercial Maintenance, our vinyl floor strip and seal services are the best in Victoria, and we guarantee to give your vinyl its new look back. Vinyl floor stripping and sealing is a simple process for those with experience and the proper tools.

The process begins with stripping off your vinyl floor’s old sealer and then disposing of it properly. Next, a thorough cleaning is conducted using pressurized water jet streams, steam equipment, and environmentally-friendly and non-toxic chemicals to prepare the floor. Once every inch of the vinyl floor is thorough cleaned, the next step in the process is to begin applying the brand new sealer.

Once the layer of sealer is professionally applied, the drying stage begins. The drying process in accomplished by use of powerful air movers and commercial fans to make sure that the new sealer is dried quickly and uniformly to produce the best results. Once the sealing process is completed, you will be amazed how much of a shine is on the floor.

Once the professionals at Australian Commercial Maintenance are finished with stripping and sealing your floor, it will not only look brand new, but it will last longer too. In fact, the new sealer will last much longer than your vinyl floor’s original seal. Our cleaning process will also inhibit bacteria and fungi growth, and will be resistant to marks and scratches caused by shoe-wear, pets, and furniture legs.

Vinyl floor strip and seal services are ideal for vinyl floors of commercial businesses, such as commercial kitchens, retail stores, factory flooring, offices, hospitals, recreation centres, schools, and more. If you want a guarantee that your vinyl floor will look like new again, and last for years longer, than call us here at Australian Commercial Maintenance.

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