The Importance of Risk Management in the Commercial Cleaning Industry

25 October 2021

Each employee must be uncompromising concerning health and security in the working environment regardless of their work in the organisation. Risk Management is an integral piece of all cleaning business initiatives and tasks and should be incorporated to guarantee all dangers are distinguished, surveyed, controlled to guarantee that all specialists are protected when conducting cleaning exercises.

Normal risks in the cleaning industry include synthetics, heat pressure, gear, slip and fall, manual handling, natural, sharps, and electrical. A risk is a combination of outcomes and the probability of a distinguished danger. When the danger has been distinguished, an appraisal is needed to determine the degree of risk. The risk is determined by the results and their probability and other characteristics of the danger.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

It is the law that each synthetic provided and utilised in the work environment should have an MSDS. The MSDS tells you the best way to securely store, transport, recognise, handle, and arrange synthetic substances. It likewise includes cleaning up spills, contacting the maker, and the progressive system of controls.

Australian Commercial Maintenance staff are trained on an ongoing basis. We believe that our team members are our greatest asset and work daily to ensure each member gets home to their families safely. We value all members of the public and aim to ensure safety of all who may be travelling through any of our projects.

ACM employ either full time or part time staff, ensuring that all are paid at the award rate and accrue all entitlements. New employees are teamed up with an existing employee to build knowledge and confidence under supervision prior to being put into a work environment. This allows feed back to supervisors in regards to competency and further training that may be needed. All employees are given an employment pack prior to commencement which outlines policies and procedures, working conditions and company expectations prior to the first day of training. Skill matrixes are updated regularly and contain confirmation of employees competencies and scheduled training.

Each project and worksite is evaluated prior to the beginning of works. A SWMS is then formulated and kept on site at all times. MSDS are kept in all vehicles and have relevant information contained for each worksite. Australian Commercial Maintenance conducts regular site audits and vehicle audits to ensure policies, procedures and SWMS are being adhered to.

At the completion of each project a debrief is held and any issues that had been identified during works can be raised. Information gathered from all projects gives both staff and management and increased education and knowledge base which then enables more streamlined and comprehensive site evaluation moving forward.

We believe that communication between all levels of staff is a critical and vital part of our company. All employees have the area supervisors number, office administration number, the operations managers number and the director of the companies number, therefore ensuring all voices can be heard at any time of the day.

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