The Benefits of Pressure Washing During Post-Construction Cleanups

21 November 2019

Pressure washing has been an effective method to rid any surfaces of stubborn dirt and unwanted materials. Due to the amount of force it can exert at once, it has become a convenient and easier approach in many industries. One of the toughest cleanups is a post-construction cleanup. The amount of debris and adhesives present could be proven to take a toll at any cleanup jobs. That is why pressure washing might just be the way to go.

Hard Cleaning on Soft Surfaces

Since your place might still have freshly-dried paint all over, it can be very delicate to clean. You might be worried that any of your cleaning aids or detergents could wash the paint off, rendering your entire post-construction attempt as useless. Luckily, pressure washing can do hard cleaning even on sensitive surfaces. This significantly reduces the damages that can occur during a post-construction cleanup. Even though pressure can clean delicately, it can also clean with utmost efficiency similar to that of a usual post-construction cleanup, if not better.

Rigorous Exterior Cleaning

It is necessary to clean the exterior of the place after the construction of the place. Not only would it look messy from the outside where every passerby can see it — failure to clean walkways, entrance ways and patios can pose a lot of danger to everyone who comes across it. Anyone can be susceptible to inhaling harmful construction chemicals. Aside from that, they could also be harmed by the remaining debris from the construction process. Using pressure washers will not only leave with a great first impression, it will also keep your exterior safe.

Detailed Interior Cleaning

Pressure washing down the walls and floors to rid them of the layers of construction dust can be beneficial for everyone. Just like the abovementioned benefit of keeping the place aesthetically pleasing and safe, you will also be able to bring out the shine of all windows, lights, door knobs and hinges. Such would make every surface look like it came straight out of a home and furniture catalogue.

If you are in need of a pressure washing for your place after a construction process, then we at Australian Commercial Maintenance got you covered. We offer specialised pressure washing services. Our hot water pressure washing unit is available to remove the deepest ingrained dirt and grime. With this powerful and efficient machine, we use little to no chemicals making it environmentally-friendly. It is also capable of washing buildings both externally and internally including suitable types of flooring to eliminate the most stubborn of stains. We carry equipment to wash down heights of up to 40 meters and all our staff are trained in boom and scissor lift operations.

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