The 5 Most Common Hazards of Professional Cleaning

28 January 2021

Cleaning activities and tasks are often surrounded by different types of dangers and hazards. From inhalation of chemicals down to direct contact of harmful microbes, cleaning professionals must endure these risks by undergoing a series of training and learning constantly out of real-world experiences.

Given the situation that professional cleaners have to face every day, the industry of cleaning is often listed as one of the most dangerous industries around the world. And to provide cleaner and safer facilities and properties, the cleaning industry will have to find ways just to counter various dangers and hazards that they may encounter throughout their given tasks.

To date, there are 5 most common hazards that professional cleaning often faced.

  1. Biological Hazards

Cleaning companies often include disinfection and sanitation on their list of services since they know how dangerous harmful microbes can be. And despite wearing full protective gear, the risk of being exposed to infectious pathogens, bacteria, fungi, or mould is still critically high among professional cleaners.

  1. Chemical Hazards

Another type of hazard that professional cleaning often faced is chemical exposure. Some properties, especially industrial buildings, often maximise different chemicals as part of their daily operations. And so, professional cleaners might be exposed to toxic chemical compounds if they will not be careful. Alternatively, they can also be exposed to chemicals if they have mishandled the cleaning solutions. Improper use of these solutions can also alleviate the chances of chemical exposure.

  1. Physical Hazards

Physical hazards can also cause some danger to professional cleaners. A piece of equipment that is too noisy or vibrates tremendously can have some effect on the overall performance and efficiency of a cleaner. Sometimes, it may even cause some issues on the general procedures of a professional cleaning team.

  1. Air Quality Hazards

Not all properties have the same type of indoor air quality. Well-ventilated facilities are expected to have great air quality. Others, alternatively, may have been exposed to elements that make their air quality deteriorate significantly. Places that have poor indoor air quality can trigger allergic reactions to those who are sensitive to elements. Alternatively, the use of cleaning chemicals on a place with poor indoor air quality can also pose risks to cleaners as they tend to release harmful fumes.

  1. Stress and Fatigue

For some, the working conditions of cleaning professionals may be too difficult. But for the cleaning professionals themselves, they can effectively work on these conditions as they already have sufficient knowledge and background of what they should expect. However, there will be some instances where they feel that they are overworked, which then turns into stress and fatigue. Both hazards can likewise occur if ever there are some problems with the management of the cleaning company.

Fortunately, these common hazards of professional cleaning are often remedied right away by reliable cleaning companies. If you want to work with one, feel free to give us a call at Australian Commercial Maintenance.


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