School and Day Care Cleaning: Hire a Professional Cleaning Company like Australian Commercial Maintenance

10 October 2017

Day-care centres and schools must be clean and sanitary for the sake of the children’s health and well-being. Failing to keep them in this condition will lead to illness for the children and staff. You may think that you can do this with your regular staff members, but it is almost impossible to achieve the necessary level of sanitation this way. The only way that you can accomplish this goal in an optimal manner is to hire a professional cleaning company such as Australian Commercial Maintenance.

We Offer Daily and Weekly Schedules

To care for your day care or school in the appropriate way, we offer both daily and weekly schedules. Depending upon your needs, weekly may be sufficient, but if it is not then we will come daily to ensure that your day care or school has the necessary level of sanitation on an ongoing basis. Fees vary according to the type of schedule that you require.

Our Company Will Perform Periodic Intense Cleaning

Along with our daily or weekly scheduled cleaning, we also offer periodic intense cleaning services that involve all of the aspects of your day-care centre or school from top to bottom. Our recommendation for this type of cleaning is at least, two to three times a year.

All of Our Staff Members Hold an Up-to-Date ‘Working With Children Check’

To ensure the safety of all of the children at your day care or school, we guarantee that all of our crew members have a current ‘Working With Children Check’. This proves that our workers have gone through a screening process to protect children from physical or sexual harm by unscrupulous individuals. Discover more about this system here.

Australian Commercial Maintenance Customises Our Services to Meet Your Needs

Our company customises our services to meet your unique needs and specifications. By doing so, we clean your day care or school in the manner it requires and not in a way that is inadequate. We always strive to satisfy you with our services with the highest quality possible.

All of the above reasons are why to rely on our professional cleaning company for school or day care cleaning services. Australian Commercial Maintenance also provides other services such as cleaning public toilets, pressure washing, council cleaning, commercial cleaning, cleaning public BBQs, window washing, vinyl strip and seal, and graffiti cleaning. Meet with us at your convenience to discuss your specific needs, available budget and other concerns. We will design a plan that is suitable for your school or day care.

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