Sanitation and Hygienic Cleaning of School Toilets in Melbourne

24 July 2018

Maintaining the sanitation and hygienic cleaning of school toilets in Melbourne should be a top priority for school administrators, as reports have shown that there are many neglected restrooms in public schools. Why is this the case? Mainly because children frequently visit school toilets throughout the day, but often, due to their age, lack the proper discipline to use bathroom facilities properly.

Because of this, school toilets need to be maintained more frequently than in most public restrooms located in commercial buildings.

Why Sanitation and Hygienic Cleaning of School Toilets is Important 

Many health problems arise from a lack of cleanliness of school toilets, and it can have a negative psychological effect on kids too. When school restrooms are not properly and regularly cleaned, in may result in students feeling that they are not important enough to have the areas they use cleaned. Also, Ill-maintained school toilets can create safety issues and be the cause of accidents, such as slipping and falling on wet or dirty flooring.

There are serious health issues that arise when sanitation and hygiene are not maintained in school restrooms, such as when pathogenic bacteria, blood, and bodily fluids are frequently found on touch points (door handles, toilet seats, sink faucet handles, and counters). Also, when considering that young children often do not wash their hands sufficiently, bacteria and germs can easily spread throughout schools and child care facilities.

Improving Sanitation and Hygienic Cleaning of School Toilets 

Although it is the regular, physical and thorough cleaning of school toilets that is the most important aspect of maintaining the hygiene and sanitation of school facilities, there are ways to improve. For example, installing hands-free faucets and hand dryers can effectively prevent the spreading of germs throughout schools, and while these can be a costly investment, they are improvements that work.

Another effective way to improve sanitation and hygienic cleaning of school toilets is to hire professional cleaning services. Professional cleaners not only specialise in cleaning school toilets, but they can also remove contaminants from class rooms, staff rooms, common use areas, and playgrounds.

Here at Australian Commercial Maintenance, we offer specialised cleaning services to meet the specific demands of schools, giving school administrators’ confidence that their students, staff, and teachers are safe from the spread of germs. When santising and performing hygienic cleaning of school toilets and facilities, our professional cleaners use non-toxic, safe, natural and effective cleaning products.

For more information, school administrators can schedule a free, no obligation consultation service, by contacting us here at Australian Commercial Maintenance.

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