Restore Wood Fences and Outdoor Decks Through Pressure Washing

02 July 2019

Do you have wood fencing or an outdoor deck that needs to be restored? If exterior wood is not protected rotting, ultraviolet rays from the sun, mildew, and water absorption will break it down and it won’t last long. In fact, untreated wood can deteriorate quickly, resulting in expensive fencing and decking repairs that can easily run up into thousands of dollars.

If your wood fence and outdoor deck have seen better days, and you want to restore them, it is possible to revive their appearance through professional pressure washing.

Professional Pressure Washing Restores Wood Fences and Outdoor Decks

Professional pressure washing services can effectively restore wood fences and outdoor decks, by removing mold, mildew, dirt, and stains. Using streams of low water pressure, along with biodegradable wood and deck cleaning products, wood fencing and wood decks can be restored to a like new condition.

It is recommended to hire only trained professionals to pressure wash your wood fence and deck because, if not done properly, it can damage wood and do more harm than good. For example, wood is considered a soft surface and using high pressure water can scar wood and leave the surface rough, uneven, and splintered.

Professional pressure washing services always are trained to only use low pressure when washing wood fencing and decks, so as to avoid damaging wood, which is the key to running a successful pressure washing business.

Professional Pressure Washing Services

If you want to restore your wood fence and outdoor deck, but you want to avoid the risk of damaging the wood in the process, then hire professional pressure washing services from Australian Commercial Maintenance (ACM). At ACM we specialise in cold and hot water pressure washing services to remove the deepest ingrained dirt, mold, and grime.

Here are a few of the benefits of pressure washing and sealing to your wood fence and deck:

– Pressure washing is effective at removing built up dirt and grime from wood surfaces.
– Professionally pressure treated wood is a popular feature in building projects.
– Professional pressure washing and sealing improve the look and feel of wood fences and decks.

Questions About Pressure Washing Wood Fences and Decks?

If you want to restore your tired wood fence and deck, and you have questions about pressure washing, then feel free to contact our professionals here, at Australian Commercial Maintenance. We are happy to answer any inquiries you may have about our full range of cleaning services.

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