Regular Commercial Space Disinfection: Why Opt for a Complete Spring Cleaning Service?

08 September 2021

When your place of business, public building or community recreation centre is ready for a thorough spring cleaning, you need the expert services of a top quality commercial cleaning and maintenance company. The most experienced commercial maintenance companies offer a fleet of modern vehicles equipped with pressure washers and full water tanks for industrial strength cleaning of varied types of surfaces, fixtures and furnishings.

Whether your cleaning needs involve heavy-duty cleaning of an abandoned factory before renovation, a busy shopping mall, a day care centre, public restroom facilities or corporate offices in a busy office building, the best commercial maintenance services can provide complete cleaning and upkeep to satisfy all your requirements and preferences.

Services Offered by the Best Commercial Maintenance Enterprises

Different cleaning and upkeep procedures provided by the best professional cleaning and maintenance services for commercial buildings and public facilities include the following:

Window Washing – Expert cleaners for industry will perform both internal and external window washing of commercial and industrial buildings. Using advanced purified water machinery, they will clean dirt and grime from windows, leaving them clean and polished, with no trace of streaking. These cleaners understand the importance of maintaining clean, clear windows regardless of whether your offices or commercial facilities occupy an upper floor in a high-rise office building or the ground floor of a community centre, sports arena or factory facility.

Pressure Washing – Pressure washing is currently in high demand for both internal and exterior cleaning of many commercial and industrial sites. Flooring in busy athletic centres, health clubs and sports arenas often requires specialised, heavy-duty cleaning and polishing procedures. High walling and vaulted ceilings also require special equipment and trained staff for performing comprehensive cleaning. These cleaners must work at extreme heights using advanced lifts and scaffolding while operating high-powered cleaning, scouring and polishing equipment.

Graffiti Removal – Well-trained and experienced cleaners can remove graffiti from virtually all types of surfaces, such as stone, concrete, brick, glass and perspex. Even stubborn layers of spray paints and inks can be removed with industrial strength, but safe, green cleaning agents.

Vinyl Strip and Seal – Top quality commercial maintenance staff will carefully strip and seal all types of flooring in your office, community or industrial facility, adding the best top coats of polish for a finished look of perfection. Especially in sports arenas, performance centers and community recreational facilities where floors must withstand constant wear and tear, expert cleaning and maintenance of floors can keep them clean and glowing through many busy seasons of activity.

By contacting Australian Commercial Maintenance located in Campbellfield, Victoria, you will receive excellent, comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services for your commercial building, community centre or industrial facility today. The team of experts at ACM will offer you cleaning advice, pricing quotes and a full service plan to keep your commercial facility interiors and exteriors sparkling clean, even during their busiest times of use.

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