Reasons Why Graffiti on Commercial Building Walls Need Immediate Removal

03 September 2019

One of the most persistent problems that plague commercial buildings in Australia today is graffiti. Graffiti comes in many forms, with most of it originating from gangs as a way to mark their respected territories. While some graffiti art displays some considerable skills, it ultimately is not good for business and should be removed as soon as possible.

Graffiti can be found on all types of surfaces, such as benches and tables, bathroom walls, exterior walls, and on walkways and driveways. The majority of graffiti is created by using spray paint cans, as well as permanent ink pins of various colours. Removing these is often a difficult, time-consuming, and laborious endeavour.

Because of the very purpose of graffiti – to leave a mark that is meant to be seen by others, which often contain lewd pictures and signs – is to be shocking to viewers, removing it as soon as possible from walls, walkways, flooring, and furnishings is highly advised.

Removing graffiti properly and thoroughly requires specific equipment and cleaning materials that are not readily available to the public, which is why it is advisable to have graffiti removed by professional commercial cleaners.

Why Graffiti Needs to be Immediately Removed from Commercial Building Walls

If you discover graffiti on your commercial property, it is advised you have it removed as soon as possible, preferably the next day. One reason why it is advised to have graffiti removed within the first 24 hours is that permanent markers and paints are easier to remove before they have a chance to penetrate surface materials thoroughly.

The second and main reason why you should remove graffiti from your commercial building is for the sake of your company’s public image. By removing graffiti as soon as possible, the intended message that was meant to be seen by the public will be removed, thus denying the vandal’s purpose of creating it, while at the same time sparing your company’s building from any embarrassing and lewd graffiti.

Graffiti Cleaning Specialists in Melbourne

Australian Commercial Maintenance is the leading graffiti cleaning specialists in Melbourne. If you have discovered graffiti on your property, then you should have it removed as quickly as possible.

At Australian Commercial Maintenance we can help, our professional technicians use environmentally friendly cleaning products to quickly remove graffiti from walls, walkways, flooring, and furnishings. If you need fast and dependable graffiti cleaning services, then you can depend on Australian Commercial Maintenance.

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