Public Toilet Cleaning Services: How Professionals are Dealing Against Coronavirus

20 November 2020

If there is one public space that must be cleaned all the time, that would be the public toilet. You see, a lot of people used to take quick breaks whenever they are in a public space. With a clean public toilet, many people can conduct their works outside without worrying too much about their health and safety.

However, due to the current global health crisis, many people are now hesitant to use public toilets as they fear they may touch surfaces that have been infected by the coronavirus. And as for cleaning professionals, they surely worry about their own health, especially during these difficult times. But they still have to work and offer services that would benefit the public. Therefore, they now carry out public toilet cleaning services and deal against the coronavirus by doing the following:

Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The wearing of PPE is often recommended for patients and healthcare personnel. However, some products of PPE are now also used by cleaning professionals so that they can be protected from the coronavirus whenever they conduct public toilet cleaning services. Most of them wear disposable impermeable gloves, surgical mask, and eye protection or a face shield so they do not contract the coronavirus as well as other types of diseases. After all, most contagious viruses can be obtained through direct inhalation or contact of the droplets and microbes.

Perform and Conduct Proper Hand Hygiene

Once they have got out of their PPE, cleaning professionals must still perform and conduct proper hand hygiene. You see, proper handwashing and hand drying are both vital to their services since they always interact with toilets and related surfaces. After removing their gloves, they would wash their hands right away with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds before rinsing them again. Afterward, they would dry their hands through paper towels or hand dryers. The drying part is important since it can prevent microbes and other pollutants from latching and thriving on the wet part of the skin.

Use Colour-Coded Equipment and Products

The risk of cross-contamination may happen whenever cleaning professionals conduct public toilet cleaning services. Therefore, most of them now use colour-coded equipment and products in carrying out the mentioned services. The use of colour-coded materials can easily identify the place where they can only be used. For equipment and products with red colour, they are only intended to be used in toilets, bathrooms, and dirty utility rooms. Blue, alternatively, are for general cleaning, green for kitchen, food service, and preparation areas, and yellow for infectious or isolation areas.

Dealing with the threat of coronavirus can be challenging. However, with the right set of protocols and cleaning procedures, cleaning professionals can easily carry out their tasks in public toilets and other spaces. To learn more about public toilet cleaning services, just contact us at Australian Commercial Maintenance. We pride ourselves on our dedication and vigilance in providing our clients with the best cleaning service and aim to exceed all expectations.


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