Public Outdoor BBQ Cleaning Services: Benefits for the People

27 August 2018

Australians love to barbecue, it is without a doubt a national past time that is firmly established, as can be seen by all the public outdoor BBQ grills found in parks for people to use. These often consist of heavy-duty stainless steel plates, mounted on concrete with bins for people to store their charcoal.

Free-use outdoor grills in public parks are very popular with people, however, these are often taken for granted and not maintained or properly cleaned up after use.

Everyone Benefits from Public Outdoor BBQ Cleaning Services

Because outdoor barbecuing is so popular, public barbecue grills are heavily utilised, especially during the holidays, special family days, birthdays and weddings, and in rural parks where camping is allowed. In some areas, it is difficult for park staff to clean BBQ grills as often as they need to be because of their frequent use.

Literally, more than ten thousand outdoor cooks are using public BBQ grills each year in Victoria. Most of the time, people leave the barbecues in decent condition. However, even when people respectfully leave public grills in good shape after using them, the barbecues need to be thoroughly cleaned and regularly maintained to prevent health hazards.

Importance of Public Outdoor BBQ Cleaning Services 

People from all walks of life benefit from public outdoor barbecues. In fact, many types of people use them, bringing their own cooking materials and various types of food and ingredients. Because of this, public outdoor barbecues do need professional cleaning to remove built up grease, grime, and stains, as well as to clean the surrounding area of left-over food and fuel from barbecuing.

Although public outdoor barbecues are cleaned almost daily, specialised cleaning is often needed to remove tough food stains, so that other people can use them in a clean state. Unfortunately, there are times when graffiti is left on public outdoor barbecues or surrounding public tables or structures. If this is the case, then professional cleaners are needed to remove graffiti.

When properly maintained by public outdoor BBQ cleaning services, public grills can last between 10 to 15 years. When public outdoor grills are not maintained properly, it discourages the very purpose of having them – a place to come together to encourage sharing.

Australian Commercial Maintenance offers public outdoor BBQ cleaning services in Victoria. We utilise non-toxic/biodegradable industrial degreasers that are safe to use in public places, and specialised equipment and tools that are typically not available to park staff. This ensures that all public outdoor barbecues are thoroughly cleaned daily so that people can use them in a clean condition.

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