Promoting Child and Women’s Health Through Clean Maternal Child Health Facilities

08 August 2019

Maternal child health facilities are provided to help expecting mothers and new parents, with free health services for all families in Victoria that have small children from newborns to school age. At these facilities, maternal and child health services work with families and health professionals to provide information, education, and assistance on prevention, early detection, and the well being of small children, as well as other health concerns.

There are maternal and child health facilities throughout Victoria, in every local government’s jurisdiction, as these are funded jointly by state and local governments. These health centres are staffed by qualified health care professionals and are managed by local governments, with support from many other health care professionals specialising in maternal and child health services.

Just like any health care related centre, maternal and child health facilities are tasked to maintain the highest standards of sanitation and hygiene. In this way, facility administrators are promoting child and women’s health by maintaining clean maternal child health facilities.

Clean Maternal Child Health Facilities Promotes Child and Women’s Health

The standards of sanitation and hygiene have changed a lot over the years, with medical facilities leading the way by example. When maternal child health facilities are kept clean, presentable, and free of germs, viruses, and disease, it creates an environment that promotes child and women’s health.

For example, when floors, toilets, sinks, baby changers, and trash bins are kept clean and sanitised regularly, and proper bathroom consumables are supplied, it helps to maintain the overall cleanliness of maternal child health facilities. In fact, in health centres, public restrooms are the main sources of germs, viruses, and disease, which is why these areas should be the main focus of cleaning and sanitary efforts.

When public restrooms are regularly cleaned and sanitised, and consumables such as toilet paper, liquid soap, and paper towels are properly stocked, maternal child health facilities are easier to keep clean. When public restrooms are neglected in health centres, it not only reflects badly on management, but it increases the chance of germs, viruses, and disease spreading throughout the centre, putting child and women’s health at risk.

Administrators of maternal child health facilities can promote child and women’s health by hiring professional cleaners from Australian Commercial Maintenance (AUSTCM), to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and sanitation of the public restrooms in their facilities.

AUSTCM is a reliable and respected cleaning company in Victoria. Our professional cleaners can ensure that public restrooms in your maternal child health facility meet and exceed the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation standards that promote child and women’s health.

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