Professional Vinyl Strip and Seal Flooring Solutions

07 May 2018

Since vinyl flooring is highly affordable, versatile and durable today, many property owners choose it for their buildings. Over the years, though, this type of flooring loses its lustre when the sealer turns yellow or due to the fact that people do not clean it properly before applying another layer of sealer. When this occurs, your floors will no longer be attractive. At this point, you should reach out for professional vinyl strip and seal flooring solutions to return your vinyl floors to their ideal, attractive condition.

The Process of Stripping Vinyl Floors

Professionals will use special stripping solutions and techniques to remove the entire layer of built-up sealer to reveal the raw vinyl flooring. They will clean the entire floor to ensure that they remove all of the stripping solution. Once the flooring is dry, the professionals will proceed to the next step, which we explain in the following section.

Application of the Sealer

After the floor is stripped, cleaned and dry, the crews will apply an even coat of the sealer. There are various types of sealers that the professionals use today and they range from satin to wet-look finishes. Ask to see a sample of what these experts will use on your vinyl flooring to ensure that it is to your liking. The sealer must dry completely before the next finishing step.

Buffing May Be Necessary for Optimal Sheen

Depending upon the sealer that the professionals apply to your flooring, it may need buffing to bring out the optimal sheen of it. This is always the last step when it is necessary. Once you see your vinyl floor in it prime condition, you will know that it was worth hiring the professionals to perform the stripping and sealing for you.

Ways to Avoid Excessive Stripping and Sealing

You may think that you will be constantly stripping and sealing your vinyl flooring by this information, but you only need to hire this done periodically. Proper, routine floor care will lengthen the time in between sessions of stripping and sealing. If the sealer has not turned yellow but lost its sheen, it may only need buffing or a reapplication of sealer along with buffing to restore it.

For further information about professional vinyl strip and seal flooring solutions, turn to Australian Commercial Maintenance. Our experienced employees will strip, seal and even top polish your vinyl flooring, regardless of the setting. We perform these tasks in offices, basketball courts, medical facilities, commercial buildings and even velodromes just for some examples. Also, we offer other commercial services to help keep your building clean, attractive and in the proper condition.

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