Pressure Wash Grills to Avoid Holiday Outdoor Barbecue Disasters

07 November 2019

Since holiday season is fast approaching, there is a good chance that a barbecue type of gathering is in order. With relatives and family coming over, all the preparations for such a reunion must be made to ensure a fun and safe holiday celebration. One way to prepare for holiday outdoor barbecues is by thoroughly washing the grills.

Washing a barbecue grill requires a great deal of time and effort. Stubborn grease, thick grime, and caked-on dirt can surely take a toll into the task of washing the barbecue grills. Consequently, typical washing just won’t cut it; otherwise, you are bound for more holiday outdoor barbecue disasters. Fortunately, pressure washing grills might be a solution suited for such a challenge.

Pressure washing grills is an easier, quicker and more effective way of getting rid of tough grease and grime from hard to hand clean areas. It cuts down the washing time from hours to minutes. Aside from saving you an ample amount of time that you can use to do other preparations, it will also literally save your life because you will be able to avoid possible outdoor barbecue disasters.

Flare Ups

Flare ups are the most common incidents in outdoor barbecues. It is a sudden burst of high and intense flames in your barbecue grill. Usually, it begins with fat dripping in charcoals or burners. These drippings meet and ignite – which causes those bursts of sudden flares. Since it is a common occurrence, most people would downplay it as a part of the actual grilling process. However, a large flare can cause some serious barbecue disasters once the flares happen to come across old built-up grease inside the grill. If left unextinguished, these flare ups can surround the fuel valves, thereby causing an even larger fire.

You can easily avoid large flare ups if you pressure wash your grills. Pressure washing is a form of deep cleaning that can significantly reduce grease and grime build-up in the grill itself. You cannot control the amount of fat drippings since you are dealing with meat products known to have loads of oil content. But you can control the amount of caked-on dirt it might come across. It is best to maintain the presence of dirt at zero percent to reduce the chances of an outdoor fire during your holiday barbecue.

Bacteria and Viruses

One of the most horrible holiday outdoor barbecue disasters is food poisoning. No host would want their relatives and family to get sick after consuming the food you have grilled. Generally speaking, it’s not something you would want to wish on others. Additionally, you will not hear the end of it from relatives and family members affected. You will be the centre of conversations every year during holiday barbecues. Remember that time we got sick at her holiday barbecue? Everyone did, right?

Grilled food poisoning happens when dirty barbecue grills accommodate bacteria and virus that can cause diseases and infections. In order to minimise its risk, you must ensure that there are no longer any lingering grease and grime in your grill and its corners and nooks.

Pressure washing is indeed the best option to clean your barbecue grills and Australian Commercial Maintenance can offer the best services in that aspect. We specialise in pressure washing services that remove the deepest ingrained dirt and grime.

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