Office Cleaning Services: Why Covid19 Protocols Must Be Followed by Professional Cleaners?

28 April 2021

Most office managers now want to acquire professional cleaning services given that these services can help their offices attain a safe and healthy environment. With office cleaning services, all the dirty elements on the floor, wall, ceiling, windows, and doors will be removed. Pieces of furniture and equipment are also sanitised since they are used frequently.

What makes professional cleaners great for offices is that they all have the experience and knowledge in proper cleaning and disinfection. They also have all the tools and supplies needed to get the job done. And since cleaning companies typically have a lot of cleaners, the whole office clean can be done in just a short time. Money is likewise saved since all the needed cleaning can be done efficiently.

The Significance of Following COVID-19 Protocols

But despite the services and benefits offered by professional cleaners, the COVID-19 pandemic has deterred some office managers to let their places cleaned by outsiders. Hence, they would rely on and stick to their in-house cleaners for all cleaning and sanitation needs.

Doing this can be viable for a lot of office spaces. However, the cleaning services offered by professional cleaners are still recommended for these spaces if office managers want to achieve thoroughly cleaned office spaces. And to encourage office managers to hire professional cleaners despite these trying times, all cleaners must truly follow all the necessary COVID-19 protocols for the safety of office managers and all the people who will be coming inside the office.

Following COVID-19 protocols is essential not only for the safety of the office but also for the safety of professional cleaners. Professional cleaners are typically exposed to a wide variety of germs and bacteria. Without following any safety protocols, they can get sick, which could eventually become a source of an outbreak within the cleaning company. The cleaning company, ultimately, can suffer huge losses in terms of revenue and profits since its operations must be halted temporarily.

Guidelines in Following COVID-19 Protocols

There are numerous aspects of COVID-19 protocols that must be followed by professional cleaners. These aspects include social distancing, proper hygiene protocols, and basic operations.

For social distancing, professional cleaners, as well as employees and other people inside the office, should remain at least six feet apart to ensure that any potential COVID-19 microbes will not transfer easily to others. And to make sure that any spread of diseases will be minimised, all the people inside the office should wear face coverings or masks all the time.

Proper hygiene protocols often include proper washing of hands. Once the office clean has concluded, professional cleaners should wash their hands with soap for around 20 seconds. The application of hand sanitiser or alcohol can be conducted after washing their hands. All professional cleaners need to be educated regarding social distancing and proper hygiene protocols. They must also know the symptoms of COVID-19 so that they can monitor themselves. The cleaning company itself must have a plan to follow whenever their employees obtain COVID-19 at work.

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