Office Cleaning From Top to Bottom Don’t Forget to Clean the Carpets

06 December 2017

Keeping an office clean and sanitary takes an eye for detail. You need to ensure that the right attention is given to every surface in the office from the top to the bottom of it, including the carpets. Businesses often overlook the importance of regular vacuuming and shampooing of carpets since the fibres keep much of the dirt, pollen and debris from being seen by the naked eye. The following facts explain why you should keep your office carpet as clean as the other surfaces.

Prevents Employees From Suffering Unnecessary Health Issues

Dirty carpets can contain dirt, dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria, mold spores and other unsavoury elements that can cause your employees, guests and clients to become ill or have allergic reactions. Some even may suffer asthma attacks if you do not take the right measures to clean your carpet. This is the top reason to ensure that your carpet receives the same thorough cleaning as the rest of your office does on a routine basis.

Controls Odours in the Office

As the carpets accumulate dirt, debris and any of the other elements in the previous section, they can give off unpleasant odours. You remove this issue by making certain that your carpet is vacuumed and shampooed whenever necessary. After the right attention is given, your carpet will smell as clean as it is.

Helps Create a Favourable Impression on All Who Enter the Office

Clean carpets help to create a good impression on all who enter the office. Also, employee morale stays higher in an office that is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom, including the carpeting. Professional cleaning companies perform the task best since they use the latest in vacuuming and carpet shampooing technology and solutions.

Decreases the Risk of Carpet Damage

If you allow dirt and other unwanted elements to work deep into the carpet fibres, they eventually can damage the carpet to the point where you will need to replace it. Protect your investment by simply performing ongoing cleaning and maintenance on the carpet throughout the year. With the right attention, carpet can look good as new for much longer than if you ignore its dirty condition.

For further facts about why you should not forget to clean the carpets as part of your office cleaning regimen, contact Australian Commercial Maintenance. We specialise in a wide variety of services that range from corporate cleaning to graffiti cleaning. Our representative will meet with you to discover your needs to provide you with a quote upon request.

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