New Year School Cleaning and Maintenance: Don’t Take These Tasks for Granted

17 January 2018

The first resolution on your list for 2018 should be not to take for granted the cleaning and maintenance of your school. After all, it is an institution for learning, not for making those who attend it ill, and that is what will happen if you do not clean, sanitise and maintain your facilities in the proper manner. To accomplish all of this successfully, it takes daily attention to all areas, including the desks, floors, windows, walls and other surfaces. Below, we share the benefits of ensuring that these tasks are performed correctly all throughout the year.

The Atmosphere of the School Is Conducive for Learning

When a school is clean and in ideal condition, its atmosphere helps the students learn their lessons. On the other hand, if the school is cared for improperly, it can cause concentration issues for the students since they will be more concerned about the residues and dirt that they may come in contact with daily than they are about their studies.

Fewer Student and Employee Absenteeism

Since the school is sanitary with the correct, thorough cleaning and maintenance, there will be a lower rate of absenteeism among your staff members and students. As a result, the school will operate smoothly and the students may even make higher grades, which could improve or maintain the academic reputation of your facility.

Your Facility Will Retain Its Proper Condition and Value

Cleaning and maintaining your facility diligently will help it retain its proper condition and value. In fact, you even may increase its value. Also, you will need fewer major repairs over the life of the structure or structures.

A School That Is Clean and Maintained Correctly Creates a Favourable Impression on Visitors

With the correct attention, your school will create a positive impression on visitors, such as parents, governing school authorities and others. If yours is a private school, this type of impression can gain you additional tuition-paying students, which means more profit.

You Protect the Air Quality in Your School

Keeping the school free of dirt, pollen and other unwanted elements also protects and even improves the air quality in your school. This includes eliminating unpleasant odours.

Rely on Australian Commercial Maintenance for professional cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that your school is as sanitary and attractive as possible. We offer a wide variety of services that range from cleaning bathrooms to pressure washing the parking lot and appropriate areas of the school. Also, we work with you to design the right schedule for our services in order to meet your needs in the ideal manner.

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