Most Frequent Errors Made When Cleaning Windows

08 September 2022

Because so many of us spend most of our time inside our houses, the only way to take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air outside is by opening the windows in our dwellings. Now is the ideal time to include window cleaning as part of sanitising your home because we have so much extra time on our hands.

This article is for you if you want to learn how to disinfect your windows correctly, obtain streak-free results, discover how to avoid the most frequent mistakes people make while cleaning their windows, and let as much natural light into your home as you possibly can.

Importance of Regular Window Cleaning

Cleaning your windows is crucial because they attract and bring in a lot of the dust and grime floating about outside. When closed, your windows prevent entering dust, pollen, insects, bird poop, exhaust fumes, and other allergens. All of these things tend to become stuck on window screens and outside windows, and if they aren’t removed regularly, they can cause permanent etching if not cleaned properly. Additionally, some dirt is brought inside when you open the windows to let in the fresh air. If you want the benefits of your house cleaning to last as long as possible, you should wash the windows as often as you clean the floors and vacuum the carpets.

Not Using the Right Cleaning Tools

The newspaper and Windex approach is one that many people swear by, and it may work for some people. On the other hand, we do not in any way suggest making use of newspaper or paper towels. The kinds of paper used by each newspaper and the kinds of ink used are distinct. When you wash your windows with newspaper, you might find that it leaves a coloured residue on the frames and an inky residue on the glass. These are both unwelcome side effects.

On the other hand, using paper towels would leave behind ugly lint on the glass. You can make do with a lint-free cloth and a squeegee in their place. You won’t have to worry about staining your windows this way, and you’ll also save on the number of paper towels you use.

Disregarding the Use of Ladder Pads

It is strongly advised that you use ladder pads, regardless of the task, whether cleaning the windows or hanging something on the wall. Not only do they prevent you from sliding and harming yourself, but they are also an excellent method to safeguard the surface that you use for support. If you have difficult access windows, you shouldn’t try to be a hero but instead, call a professional. Always put your safety first!

Non-Removal of Large Dirt Particles

If you are dealing with extremely dirty windows, you may need to schedule two separate cleaning sessions in a row. The first session should be dedicated to removing the larger dirt stains, such as bird droppings and insect remains, while the second session should be used to clean the windows themselves. If you attempt to clean everything in one go, you might find that the window panes are left with many residues.

Too Much Scraping

Do not rely solely on a razor blade or scraper when dealing with etched dirt or paint stains. Occasionally, you may need to invest in a window-cleaning product that targets the specific sort of grime on your windows. Consult the owner’s handbook before making any purchases, since depending on the windows you have, you may cause more harm than you realise. For instance, laminated windows may have “glass pickup” or defects that can cause irreparable harm if removed.

Window cleaning is not easy since so many factors must be considered to get streak-free results. Instead of taking on more stress, why not get assistance from a trained professional? Australian Commercial Maintenance provides a window cleaning service for building facades that is effective, non-contact, and fully safe for your family. Therefore, remain safe at home and allow the pros to clean the windows.

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