Keeping Day-Care Centres from Harmful Bacteria by Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

28 February 2019

The purpose of day-care centres is to provide children with an opportunity to explore and learn about the world around them, and to develop their individuality, while at the same time helping to prepare them for the transition to kindergarten. While day-care centres provide parents with a happy environment for their children, facilitators are liable to make sure that their facility is safe and healthy.

Maintaining cleanliness and sanitation is paramount for education facilities such as day-care centres, to prevent the development of harmful bacteria, viruses and infections from spreading. This is done by maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and sanitation set down by government for all levels of schools and child-care facilities, such as day-care centres.

Surprisingly, one of the chief causes of illness in children who attend day-care is from harmful bacteria. Harmful bacteria can develop and contaminate sofas, chairs, tables, cushions, and toys, making children sick with symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and coughing. These symptoms can quickly spread to other children and develop into acute respiratory illness.

In severe cases, upper and lower respiratory tract infections can affect the tonsils, throat, middle ear, and cause head colds, and even whooping-cough, influenza, bronchitis, and pneumonia. With that said, it is paramount to say the least that day-care centres maintain the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation standards possible.

Unfortunately, day-care centres are typically ill-equipped to maintain such a high level of cleanliness and to thoroughly sanitise surfaces on their own, as the main focus and training of staff is on child development.

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company to Keep Day-Care Centres from Harmful Bacteria

While most day-care centres have access to cleaning supplies, this doesn’t guarantee a clean and sanitised environment that will prevent bacteria and illnesses from spreading to children. Knowing the right cleaning products to use safely around small children is also another important safety consideration. For these reasons, hiring a professional cleaning company is the best solution for day-care centres.

At Australian Commercial Maintenance, we understand the paramount importance of maintaining the highest level of cleanliness possible to protect small children from bacteria and illnesses. Our professional cleaners are able to identify ‘hotspot’ surfaces for bacteria, and will provide safe cleaning solutions that will reduce and eliminate bacteria in your day-care centre.

If you are the owner or manager, and you want to make sure that the environment of your day-care centre is kept in a pristine and sanitised condition, for the sake of the children in your care, then contact us at Australian Commercial Maintenance. We can help.

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