Is Hot Water Pressure Cleaning Better Than Cold Water Pressure Cleaning?

03 June 2019

Commercial, residential, and public properties can benefit greatly from pressure cleaning services. The two main types are hot water pressure cleaning and cold water pressure cleaning, with each having its own benefits of use. There are many people who are still unaware of the differences between the two, not knowing if hot water pressure cleaning is better than cold water pressure cleaning, or not?

The Difference Between Hot Water Pressure Cleaning Better and Cold Water Pressure Cleaning

To help people to understand which is a better pressure cleaning process, it is important to first understand the differences between the two:

Cold water pressure cleaning – standard pressure cleaning is very effective at thoroughly cleaning walkways, driveways, sidewalks, parking areas, garage flooring, or any soft or hard surfaces outside of buildings. Pressure cleaning can effectively dislodge and remove dirt, grease, oil, and tough stains off surfaces such as timber, concrete, brick, and metal.

Water pressure can be altered depending on the type of surface being cleaned, so as to not cause any harm to soft surfaces such as wood decking. Water pressure can be increased for hard surfaces like metal that have tough to remove grease, oil, or stains. Sometime there are materials or chemicals that cannot be effectively removed with cold pressure cleaning and need hot water to remove.

Hot water pressure cleaning – besides the varying water pressure used, hot water pressure cleaning is a different cleaning service altogether. Depending on the type of surface to be cleaned, and the kind of material to remove or dislodge, hot water pressure cleaning, using scalding hot water, may be needed.

Using scalding hot water to pressure clean surfaces is an effective way to remove oils and grease, as well as types of hazardous materials from all kinds of surfaces. In fact, hot water pressure cleaning is a great way to clean machinery, restaurant equipment, flooring, floor mats, drains, and metal screens.

Understanding the differences between cold water pressure cleaning and hot water pressure cleaning can help people to determine which one is best for use cleaning what they need to clean. However, it is highly advised to hire professional cleaners to conduct water pressure cleaning because it involves using jets of high pressure water that could actually damage certain surfaces, and to avoid the risk of personal injury.

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