How Pressure Washing Helps You Prepare for a Painting Project

23 March 2020

Getting a painting surface ready requires the need to clean it first. You may have tried scrubbing and scouring the surface using a combination of water and soap. You may have also tried cleaning the surface with chemicals, but your desired result would still not come out. Fortunately, pressure washing can help you obtain your desired clean surface area for your upcoming painting project.

Facts about Pressure Washing

Pressure washing entails the use of high-pressure water spray that can remove loose paint, mould, grime, dust, mud, and other types of dirt from surfaces and objects. This type of cleaning can be done in buildings, vehicles, and concrete surfaces.

One thing that makes pressure washing effective is that it only uses a high-pressure jet of hot or cold water to eradicate almost all types of dirt. The travel rate of water from a water spray to the surface is so fast that whenever it hits the surface, the water’s high kinetic energy enables it to knock dirt and dust away. Additionally, water does not damage most hard surfaces, which makes it more suitable for cleaning surfaces for painting purposes.

Clean Painting Surface is Vital

As soon as your property is constructed, it would start accumulating dust and dirt right from the very beginning. Aside from dust and dirt, your property might also acquire other contaminants from the surrounding such as sand, algae, mould, and many more. Whenever these things accumulate on your surface, you would certainly notice a gradual change to the colour and quality of the paint surface.

If you are thinking of coating and painting another layer to your existing paint surface without cleaning, then you are making a mistake. Adding extra paint or coating layer will not stick to the material surface. Instead, the additional paint surface will only stick to the existing dirt surface. If you insist on painting without cleaning, your new paint surface will just peel off after a short time.

Pressure Washing for Painting Project

A painting project might involve anything that can be painted and coated, which include wood, siding, metal, concrete, stucco, or even a deck. With pressure cleaning, all these mentioned surfaces can be painted with ease. In fact, a surface that is cleaned with pressure water can help you achieve the best results when you paint and coat it.

Pressure washing can clean a surface that is comparable to hand scraping. Once the high force of water touches the surface, it will remove all loose paint and dirt. Moreover, the water can also smoothen the surface of your painting project as if you have sanded it. And when you paint over a pressure washed surface, your new paint layer will certainly feel smooth and even.

Another great thing about pressure washing is that you get to clean a lot of painting project surfaces in just a short time. You don’t have to manually scrape and sand surfaces for them to be cleaned and smooth. Shooting the water spray over the surfaces can instantly do the action of scrapping dirt and sanding the surface.

Performing pressure washing for a painting project can help you get it painted as fast as you can. You don’t have to spend your time scrapping and sanding the surface just to even it out. Moreover, you don’t also have to scrub and scour the surface just to get it clean. If you want help with pressure washing, you can always contact us at Australian Commercial Maintenance.

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