How Often Should You Use a Professional Cleaning Service?

07 November 2017

When you are a manager or an owner of a company, you need to ensure it operates correctly and efficiently. Part of this is keeping your building in a clean, sanitary condition to ensure the health of all who enter it. While you may understand that a professional cleaning service is the ideal way to keep your building clean and sanitary, you may not know how often to use this service.

The Nature of Your Business May Determine Your Cleaning Needs

If your business creates a lot of debris, dust or dirt, your building will require professional cleaning more often than one that does not accumulate these elements to a great degree. A daily, bi-weekly or tri-weekly schedule may be necessary to maintain your building in a sanitary, attractive manner.

Bathrooms Demand Daily Attention

Daily professional cleaning services are a must for bathrooms to guarantee that they are as pathogen-free as possible. Services for these rooms include cleaning, restocking and if necessary pressure washing depending upon their setups. Bathrooms can turn from clean to nasty quickly without the right attention to their sanitation.

Offices Vary in Their Cleaning Requirements

Professional cleaning requirements vary with offices from daily to monthly depending upon a company‚Äôs situation, activities and budget. When money allows for it, it is ideal to hire daily cleaning by the pros, but you will need to decide on the cleaning schedule that is ideal for your company’s office areas.

Parking Areas Need Power Washing Periodically

You should hire professionals to power wash your parking lot at least, once every four months. Of course, for special events, you may add one or two extra sessions to ensure that your property is as clean and attractive as possible.

Windows Require Professional Cleaning Services All Throughout the Year

Windows on your commercial building needs professional cleaning twice a year and more often if you see it is necessary. This depends on what part of town you are in and the nature of your business.

Carpet Cleaning Schedules

When it comes to carpet cleaning schedules, you need to analyse how much traffic yours receives each day to figure out how often professionals need to vacuum and/or shampoo it. High traffic volumes daily will call for daily vacuuming with shampooing a necessity once every four to six months. If your carpeted areas only receive light traffic, your carpet may only need vacuuming once a week and shampooing once a year.

For further details about how often you should use a professional cleaning service at your company, contact Australian Commercial Maintenance. We provide a wide assortment of cleaning services that range from pressure washing to window washing.

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