How Do Vinyl Stripping and Sealing Work?

14 December 2020

Several residential and commercial properties are comprised of vinyl flooring due to its accompanying features. This type of flooring has a durable surface that can easily work well with areas that have heavy foot traffic and are often exposed to moisture, heat, and other elements. It also comes in a wide variety of designs, colours, and patterns, allowing property owners to effectively match it with their current property aesthetic. It is likewise less expensive than other types of flooring, making it cost-effective and efficient.

Another great feature of vinyl flooring is that it can be installed, cleaned, and maintained easily. You see, other flooring options have been causing headaches among property owners due to their expensive and complicated maintenance works in the long run. Vinyl flooring, luckily, only needs simple cleaning steps.

All About Vinyl Stripping and Sealing

One method that can be used in cleaning and maintaining vinyl flooring is vinyl stripping and sealing. This cleaning process is primarily done by removing a layer or layers of sealer before cleaning and applying a new layer of sealer on the vinyl flooring surface. Sometimes, not all old layers of sealer are removed. Alternatively, if all the old sealer layers have already deteriorated, then they must be all removed and replaced with new layers of high-quality sealer to make the floor look and feel brand new.

As mentioned, upon the removal of the old sealer layer, the main floor surface of the vinyl flooring must be cleaned first. The cleaning part usually removes all dust and residue that may have accumulated for a long time. Cleaning professionals would often use a suitable cleaning solution to avoid damaging the floor.

Primary Benefits and Advantages

Vinyl stripping and sealing can easily provide numerous benefits and advantages to property owners.

For one, the vinyl flooring can now boast a newer and more attractive appearance compared to its initial state. Since this process of cleaning is designed to apply new layers of sealer, it can effectively make your flooring look shiny and polished. Additionally, the application of this cleaning process can effectively preserve the overall property value of both home properties and commercial buildings.

The process of vinyl stripping and sealing is known to remove dirt and damages. However, it is also known for preventing bacteria from infiltrating the floor. The absence of bacteria can prolong the life of the floor and, at the same time, prevent the spread of diseases. Vinyl stripping and sealing can also make the floor last longer and effectively reduce its exposure to marks, scratches, and other similar elements.

Recommendations and Suggestions

Vinyl stripping and sealing are often recommended to be done only once every few years. However, if the floor is used all the time, then this process must be done annually. You must also carry out this process if you truly want to give your flooring a new appearance, if you want to save some money on installing a new type of flooring, or if you want to effectively enhance the looks of your interiors.

If you want to subject your vinyl flooring under the stripping and cleaning process, then feel free to coordinate with us at Australian Commercial Maintenance.


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