How Cleanliness in Educational Institutions Affects Students’ Performance

17 December 2019

The cleanliness of educational institutions can affect student’s performance in more ways than one. Research shows that school cleanliness is highly important to productivity so it is deemed as one of the four most important building elements for an educational institution. An unclean, untidy environment can be detrimental to students’ learning experience. Here is how a lack of cleanliness in educational institution affects student’s performance.

Cleanliness in Educational Institutions Affect Student’s Health

Educational institutions are a breeding ground for germs and illnesses due to the number of its occupants. Germs are able to spread as fast as a wildfire in these premises. This poses a problem especially in educational institutions for children. Their immune system is not fully-developed yet so they are more vulnerable to diseases and illnesses. Such diseases and illness can impede the learning progress of the student. Aside from that he can spread viral infections among the people around him. That is why cleanliness must be observed in all educational institutions.

Cleanliness in Educational Institutions Affect Student’s Attendance

When students are constantly getting sick, that means more time out of school. And while a child may be happy they get to spend the day at home rather than in the classroom, chronic absenteeism can be extremely detrimental to student performance. When students miss too much class, they may begin to fall behind their peers.

Cleanliness in Educational Institutions Affect Student’s Concentration

Lack of cleanliness can also be a major distraction to students. So much as an untidy room can distract students from their teacher’s lesson, with distraction only increasing the dirtier the facility. Children have enough trouble concentrating as it is, and don’t need the extra distraction while they are trying to learn.

Cleanliness in Educational Institutions Affect Student’s Performance

These factors all contribute to a student’s academic performance. Negative effects on health, attendance, and concentration can hinder a student’s ability to perform successfully. In a clean school facility, students will be able to perform without impacts on their health or concentration impeding them.

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