How Cleaning Can Control Cross Contamination in Nursing Homes or Medical Facilities

26 September 2017

In nursing homes and medical facilities, there is a crucial need to control the spread of pathogens on a daily basis. Cross contamination is a continual threat to the staff members who need to move between the patients’ rooms numerous times a day. For this reason, these establishments must develop certain methods and techniques to ensure that their facilities are sufficiently clean.

Protocols to Ensure That Nursing Homes and Medical Facilities Are Sterile

Even though the use of latex gloves helps greatly to reduce the spread of pathogens, it takes much more to control cross contamination in these establishments. Professional cleaning on a regular basis is imperative to ensure that the surfaces and floors are not just free of dirt but also of pathogens that can spread rapidly throughout the rooms and the entire establishment if left alone to multiply and thrive. You need to understand that the longer any nosocomial pathogen stays on a floor or other surface the more dangerous it becomes to the health of a susceptible healthcare employee or patient. When you have your establishment professionally cleaned in the proper manner, everyone in the place benefits greatly.

All Protocols and Cleaning Methods Must Comply with Healthcare Regulations

When you develop your protocols and cleaning methods, they must comply with healthcare regulations here in the Victoria area of Australia. Also, all professional services tht you receive from outside sources need to be in compliance with these regulations. Environmental cleanliness is measured with the National Safety and Quality Health Service or NSQHS Standards along with the patient feedback on cleanliness in the current Victorian healthcare experience survey.

Healthcare facilities and nursing homes should also consider using alternative auditing methods with or instead of visual inspections to ensure that they are up to the appropriate standards. The results of these methods are for internal use only and the Department of Health and Human Services does not require a report on them. When in doubt, bring in an external, professional auditor to analyse the cleanliness of your establishment and to point out any problem areas. Remember that you must stay on top of the cleanliness of your establishment on a daily basis to ensure that it is sufficiently sterile for your employees and patients.

To learn other measures to take with cleaning to control cross contamination in nursing homes or medical facilities, contact Australian Commercial Maintenance. We specialise in cleaning these establishments along with other types of buildings. Also, we develop a plan to fit your unique needs to be certain that our cleaning brings you the desired results.

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