How Clean Restrooms and Toilets Influence the Image of a Shopping Centre

20 January 2020

Obtaining famous stores is only a few among other styles that shopping centres would do to boost popularity. However, shopping centres tend to forget one of the most important aspects of their centres. As studies have confirmed, a shopping centre with a clean restroom and toilets are more preferred by shoppers than a shopping centre with untidy public facilities.

The Wonders of Clean Restrooms and Toilets

In 2015, a total of 455 respondents are gathered to participate in a research study. This research study aims to determine if the cleanliness of comfort rooms actually matters to the customers of shopping centres. With the help of a four-stage study, researchers have found out that up to 66% of customers will recommend a shopping venue according to the cleanliness level of public sanitary facilities. Additionally, almost 30% of the respondents acknowledged the fact that clean sanitary facilities do matter in choosing a shopping centre.

Cleanliness of the facilities can have a huge impact on the overall satisfaction of customers. This study just confirmed that if a shopping centre has clean toilet facilities, then there is a huge chance that customers will also get back and even recommend it to others. For shopping centres, the cleanliness of their facilities will translate into more customers and huge profit gain.

From the same research study, the shopping centre that is involved, the Jumbo Shopping Centre in Finland, has initially normal toilet facilities. But upon upgrading its facilities, customers are now willing to recommend the said shopping centre to others. It is also believed that customers now stay longer by the time the shopping centre upgraded its bathroom facilities.

Preferred Option for Clean Sanitary Facilities

One astonishing survey of the said study is the preferred option of customers when drying their hands after washing them. More than half of the respondents want to use hand towels as their option for cleaning their hands. According to the respondents, the capability of hand towels to thoroughly clean their hands without leaving any debris makes this option more popular for them. Plus, hands towels can quickly dry the hands of people.

The mentioned study just proves that clean restrooms and toilets can certainly influence the image of a shopping centre positively. Shoppers would recommend shopping centres with clean comfort rooms since having a break while shopping must still be convenient at all times. Moreover, clean restrooms and toilets will prevent any infectious diseases from spreading from one shopper to another.

Having a clean facility can certainly improve the performance of shopping centres. If you want some help in cleaning your facilities, give us a call now at Australian Commercial Maintenance.

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