Gum Removal: Pavement Cleaning That Should Not Be Ignored

22 June 2018

While chewing gum is a delight to enjoy, it can be a huge problem for commercial property owners. The reason for this is the fact that people do not always dispose of their gum in the proper manner. They simply throw it on the pavement and go on about their day. Freshly chewed gum on pavement is quite sticky for those who step in it and so unsightly when it dries that it detracts from the ambiance of the property. We further explore why gum removal is a pavement cleaning task that should never be ignored in the following information.

Newly Chewed Gum Is a Sticky Mess

If people step on the freshly chewed gum that other people drop onto your pavement, it is a sticky mess to get off their shoes. In some cases, these people also may track the gum into your building when they are unsuccessful at removing it in some manner prior to entering your structure. Gum that is still fresh, though, is easy to remove if you catch it quickly. Otherwise it hardens and adheres securely to the pavement, as we discuss in the next section.

Hardened Gum Requires Professional Removal from Pavement

Once the gum hardens, it adheres to the pavement with such stubbornness that it requires professional removal. Today, there are specialised machines just for this purpose that can remove years of dried on gum quickly with one pass over with this type of machine. Top it off with a pressure washing session to restore the pavement to its ideal condition and appearance.

Gum Can Prematurely Age the Pavement

The real danger of ignoring the importance of gum removal from your pavement is the fact that it can prematurely age the pavement if left alone. This occurs when the substances in the gum seep into the pavement prior to the gum drying. Of course, the aging is gradual but faster than if the gum was not present. Quick and continual removal of the gum ensures that the pavement maintains its ideal integrity for as long as possible.

Do not allow your pavement to be unsightly and/or sticky due to improper gum disposal. Instead, you should turn to Australian Commercial Maintenance. Our crew adeptly operates our specialised gum removal machine to lift off all of the gum buildup from your pavement in just one session. On top of this service, we also provide pressure washing services for your commercial property along with other services to help you maintain and clean your building and surrounding property.

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