General Tips on Cleaning Commercial Windows for a Fresh Start

12 January 2021

Commercial buildings, which may be occupied by stores and offices, must be cleaned regularly to ensure that they can meet their desired value throughout their operations. For stores, they must make sure that customers can easily recognise their offerings and services in just one look. Offices, alternatively, must exhibit and maintain a pleasant working environment so that employees can be productive and efficient.

To effectively meet these objectives, stores and offices must make sure that their windows are cleaned. Windows are significant to these establishments as they can effectively affect the overall sentiment of customers and employees towards the properties.

If you want to start your year right, here are some helpful general cleaning tips that you can apply to your commercial windows.

Choose the Correct Time

The effectiveness and quality of your cleaning activities can be hugely affected by the time of the day. If you opt to clean your windows under direct sunlight, there is a huge chance that your windows manifest some streaking and spotting. Cleaning your windows on an overcast day, alternatively, can easily yield you great results as there will be no signs of streaks and spots on the glass of your windows.

Obtain the Right Tools

Just like cleaning other areas of your commercial buildings, cleaning your windows would require appropriate cleaning tools and equipment. For most windows today, some of the tools that you need are window cleaner, a squeegee, and sponges or rags. Once you have wiped the windows with these things, you must dry them with paper towels, microfibre cloths, or newsprint that you currently have.

Cleaning the window exterior, alternatively, would require a power jet wand and cleaning sprayer. In terms of removing paint splatters, tree sap, adhesive residue, and other difficult stains, you may want to use some razor blades, steel wool, or any other mild abrasive elements.

Remove Streaks and Lint

Streaks on commercial windows are common, especially if they are normally cleaned under direct sunlight. Rainfall can also cause streaks on the windows as dust and other debris from the glass all combine with moisture and subsequently dry up. To remove these notable streaks, you must rinse the dust, cobwebs, and debris from the glass first with water. Next, apply some cleaning solution and use a sponge or rag to remove stains and spots. Stubborn stains can be removed by either steel wool or buffing tool. In cleaning the windows, you must use different scrubbers on each of their sides.

Once the scrubbing is done, you must now remove the excess water on the windows by drying them with a microfibre cloth or newsprint sheet.

The occurrence of lint, alternatively, can be prevented by using the right type of cloth. For best results, you must use cloths that are made from either cotton percale or microfibre. Commercial-style paper towels and sheets of newsprint can also be effective in removing lint.

Cleaning commercial windows can be achieved with the right tools and skills. But if you want to hire some professionals to clean them, then feel free to contact us at Australian Commercial Maintenance.


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