General Consequences of Dirty and Unmaintained Public Toilets

22 June 2021

Public toilets, as their name implies, are spaces comprised of toilet fittings that can be used by the general public. Most public toilets can be utilised by customers of an establishment, employees of an office, and other people inside a public structure or building.

The very presence of public toilets on various establishments, structures, and buildings allows people to get rid of body wastes. Additionally, they can serve as a place to somehow clean themselves after being on the outside for too long. These main applications of public toilets, however, can only be conducted properly if these spaces are clean and tidy.

If public toilets are not cleaned properly, then they may generate issues that can negatively affect the property that they are in. Some consequences of dirty and unmaintained public toilets are as follows:

Generate Health Concerns

One of the most notable consequences of dirty and unmaintained public toilets is that they can generate health concerns for people who will be using them. Tons of studies have found out that public toilets may contain more than 50,000 types of bacteria and viruses. And if they are left uncleaned for a long time, the amount of harmful microorganisms that are accumulating in the public toilets will surely amplify. The increase of bacteria and viruses in these places can then generate health concerns to a lot of users and make them sick. Dirty public toilets can generally be a serious hazard to the public.

Drive Many People Away

Public toilets, as defined earlier, are meant for public use. But if these spaces are not cleaned optimally, then a lot of people will certainly prefer to find another establishment that can offer a cleaner and more presentable toilet. Dirty and unmaintained public toilets often emit foul odour due to the accumulation of particles all over their surfaces. The lack of proper ventilation can likewise cause this specific issue. Aside from the odour, public toilets that are not cleaned may appear nasty and grimy, which may only drive many people away from visiting not only the toilet but also the establishment itself.

Create a Bad Impression

Ideally, establishments and buildings that are equipped with public toilets can already bring comfort to the people who may have to eliminate some wastes from their bodies. But if these toilets are not clean and maintained properly, then these establishments and buildings would only leave a bad impression on people visiting these structures. For a commercial establishment, the presence of a dirty toilet would only force customers to not come back again. For an office, a dirty public toilet can easily affect the overall performance of employees as they might get sick frequentlyin the long run.

Public toilets should be cleaned and maintained so that anyone can use them without expecting any dire consequences. If you want to have your public toilets cleaned and maintained, just contact us at Australian Commercial Maintenance. We have a high level of experience in cleaning public toilets and amenities. Our staff will attend each site according to the contract stipulations to clean, restock, wipe down and pressure wash if required.

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