Enhanced Facility Cleaning Services During Coronavirus Pandemic

28 August 2020

To avoid getting the coronavirus, a lot of people now follow the minimum health safety protocols that are being advised by health professionals all over the world. Aside from wearing masks and practicing social distancing, property owners are likewise advised to conduct frequent cleaning and disinfection inside and around their respective houses or buildings to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Acquiring the Help of Cleaning Professionals

Cleaning and disinfection activities can be easily done with residential properties since household members can work together to effectively sanitise their home areas. Owners of commercial facilities, on the other hand, would require the help of a lot of cleaning professionals since these buildings can be huge and spacious. Additionally, cleaning these facilities while the people are working must be done regularly, which may surely exhaust the energy and strength of in-house cleaning personnel.

To overcome these shortcomings. one thing that facility owners can do is to hire the services of professional cleaners. Companies that offer professional cleaning services can certainly guarantee facility owners their cleaning and disinfection needs. After all, they have now enhanced all their cleaning activities and capabilities that are deemed necessary in keeping the coronavirus away from the facilities as well as away from the people.

Cleaning Methods and Tools are Enhanced

The facility cleaning services of cleaning companies before would only need cleaning products that can be easily bought from retail stores. From cleaning solutions to their respective cleaning tools, all of them are only intended to clean the surface area and remove any debris, dust, dirt, stains, spills, and other visible impurities. The need to remove any harmful microbes and germs is not entirely required before.

But with the ongoing pandemic today, almost all facility owners would want to hire cleaning companies that can offer thorough sanitation and disinfection. Most of them are now willing to invest more just to have their facilities cleaned, sanitised, and disinfected according to the guidelines set by the local authorities. Fortunately, a lot of cleaning companies have enhanced their cleaning methods and their accompanying products so that any virus will be eradicated. EPA-registered disinfectants are likewise being utilised by cleaning companies now as an added protection against harmful elements.

The Frequency of Cleaning has Improved

Aside from changing their cleaning methods and cleaning tools, professional cleaning companies have also altered their cleaning frequency and duration. Before, most disinfection activities on a high traffic area would only be conducted during weekends. Many cleaning companies would also schedule their cleaning routine every hour. The urgency to clean and disinfect most frequently touched surfaces and high traffic areas before was nowhere to be found.

Today, cleaning companies have significantly boosted and increased their cleaning and disinfection frequency. There are professional cleaners who are assigned to clean certain surfaces every 30 minutes. There are even others who are directed to disinfect high traffic areas every 15 minutes, which can be exhausting considering the amount of work needed to be done in just cleaning and disinfecting everything. Different assessment and testing are conducted to effectively pinpoint locations that must be monitored, cleaned, and disinfected regularly.

Drastic changes in the facility cleaning services during the coronavirus pandemic are necessary so that the virus will not infect more people. All the enhancements made with the cleaning tools and products up to the frequency of cleaning can be a strong means of keeping the virus away.

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