Do Commercial Buildings Truly Need Vinyl Strip and Seal?

11 February 2021

Commercial buildings are properties that are often used for commercial purposes. Some examples of these buildings include office buildings, warehouses, and retail buildings. One element that is somehow similar to all these buildings is that they are often visited by a lot of people. Whether for shopping or everyday work, many activities are normally done within the vicinity of these properties.

These buildings often experience heavy foot traffic, which is why their overall structure must be sturdy enough to effectively prevent any damages out of the said situation. With the installation of the right materials and suitable maintenance works, these buildings can be expected to last for a long time.

Understanding Vinyl Strip and Seal

A lot of commercial buildings are equipped with vinyl flooring. Given that many activities are conducted on these buildings, this flooring type can easily wear down without proper maintenance. Fortunately, the strip and seal process can help maintain vinyl flooring as well as prolong its service life.

A strip and seal is normally carried out by stripping away the coats of grime, cleaning film, or worn sealant that can be found on the flooring. Afterwards, the surface of the floor will be resealed to ensure that its qualities will be preserved again. This process must be conducted by a professional since the condition of flooring will always be different from other type of flooring. It also requires appropriate products and methods so that the whole process can provide benefits to the flooring and the building itself.

Benefits of Vinyl Strip and Seal

The process of vinyl strip and seal can provide numerous benefits to the flooring of commercial buildings. For one, it can effectively make the flooring look and feel new again thanks to the removal of unnecessary elements and application of a new sealer. This process can also make the flooring surface stronger and more durable, making the vinyl flooring more resistant to marks, scratches, and abrasions. The application of a new sealer can likewise help in preventing bacterial penetration.

One great benefit that commercial building owners can get from vinyl strip and seal is that they do not have to replace their old, dirty vinyl flooring anymore. The replacement of the whole flooring can cost a lot of time and money. And since commercial buildings are intended to carry out different functions every day, the replacement of the whole flooring can significantly affect the performance of the said properties. The process of vinyl strip and seal can provide huge savings in terms of resources.

With vinyl strip and seal, the vinyl flooring will be much more resistant to abrasion that may be caused by foot and trolley traffic, spills, dirt, and other damaging elements.

Strip and Seal for Your Building

If you want your flooring to undergo strip and seal process, then contact us now at Australian Commercial Maintenance. Our experienced staff can strip, seal, and top polish your flooring, whether it be an office setting, basketball court, or a velodrome.


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