Common Cleaning Mistakes that Unreliable Cleaning Companies Might be Doing

26 March 2021

Cleaning companies have been very helpful in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of residential, commercial, and even industrial properties. Their capability to send cleaning professionals and bring all tools necessary for the cleaning alone allows them to be a great investment for property owners.

However, not all cleaning companies are equal. There are a huge number of cleaning companies that are truly reputable and follow all the necessary cleaning protocols and guidelines for their works. Others, alternatively, would simply want to obtain money without providing high-quality services.

Unreliable and unreputable cleaning companies often perform cleaning mistakes that cannot do good for properties. Some of their infamous mistakes are as follows:

Utilise Wrong Cleaning Supplies

One of the greatest mistakes of unreliable cleaning companies is that they utilise wrong cleaning supplies in performing their respective cleaning activities. Cleaning tools and solutions are intended to clean specific surfaces and areas. Without considering their compatibility with the surfaces, they can easily damage them and cause structural issues. Using the wrong cleaning supplies can likewise cause health issues, especially if they are applied to unsuitable areas and surfaces.

Combine Cleaning Solutions

There are specific cleaning solutions that can be mixed to effectively come up with a more efficient cleaning solution. However, not all cleaning solutions can be combined together. Bleach, in particular, must not be mixed with most types of cleaner such as vinegar, ammonia, or rubbing alcohol since their combination would only cause the release of harmful fumes. Cleaning companies that still combine these elements should not be hired as the dangerous fumes from this mixture can lead to skin and eye irritation.

Skip Cleaning Mildew and Mould

Two elements that must not be ignored during cleaning are mildew and mould. Mildew and mould can develop and grow in surfaces that are filled with moisture. Without removing them, they can effectively cause health problems to the people inside the property. The existence of these two elements can cause nasal congestion, sneezing, allergic conditions, and other respiratory infections. Given their effects, ignoring them would be one of the greatest mistakes of unreliable cleaning companies.

Ignore Clean-Looking Items

Cleaning professionals must fully clean all types of items and surfaces, no matter how clean they look or smell. Sometimes, items and surfaces that look and smell clean are still bombarded with microbes that can be a great source of illnesses. Ignoring them would only make the property vulnerable to the spread of diseases, affecting their overall productivity. This is a common mistake that unreliable cleaning companies often do, believing that the items and surfaces are already clean.

Clean Carelessly and Sloppily

Another horrendous mistake that unreliable cleaning companies commit is that they clean carelessly. Cleaning companies should be able to conduct their cleaning services without causing any damages to property surfaces and included products or items. Those that clean carelessly would often cause damages to surfaces, products, and items, which will only lead to more mess and expenses. Instead of investing in a clean property, opting for these unreliable cleaners may just result in more headaches.

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