Commercial Cleaning: Reasons Why it Should be Prioritised During Summer

07 February 2020

Commercial buildings have a lot of facilities that must be cleaned at all times. There’s a common working area where employees would spend most of their time sitting or doing their job. Then there’s the cafeteria where people would flock just to eat and have a random conversation with their colleagues. Another place that most people would go to is comfort rooms to do their own thing.

As the summer season goes on, the amount of debris and dirt that accumulate in the aforementioned places are increasing every day. The heat and humidity can bring changes to not only places but also to the attitude and mood of humans. So, even if you are the owner of the business, you will most likely experience what your employees are experiencing daily.

Given that an untidy working space has negative effects on all workers including you, you must prioritise commercial cleaning without hesitations. To help you out, here are some reasons as to why the cleaning should be done every summer season.

The Rise of Temperature

Some of the months that cover the summer season bring out the hottest temperature in a year. While air conditioning units and other ventilation systems can hold the indoor temperature down to a tolerable level, the outdoor heatwave can cause the bacteria and germs to survive at certain areas of your office such as work surfaces, bathrooms, desks, tables, and many more. The survival of these harmful elements can then lead to the formation of diseases that can spread among you and your employees.

Presence of Outdoor Elements

Even if the doors and windows are closed tightly, the number of people who are going in and out of your building can certainly attract and leave dirt, dust, and other substances inside your premises. In just a short amount of time, pollen, sand, dust, and other substances can already enter your building whenever someone opens and closes the door or window. Hotels, schools, and any other related facilities find this situation a common one since students or visitors just come and go on the building.

Increase in Physical Activity

As mentioned, the summer season attracts people from doing more physical activities than usual. We tend to move more whenever the temperature is high. So, people from the outside who are going inside your facility tend to just take off their shoes once they are on their respective workstations. The cleanup for hotels and schools must also be initiated during the summer season since they also experience an increase in physical activity among visitors and students. These people are exposed to the outside elements, plus the fact that they get sweat can increase germs and bacteria inside the building.

Commercial cleaning is a must during the summer season to protect everyone from contracting diseases and allergies. If you want to know how the commercial cleaning works, you can contact us now at Australian Commercial Maintenance.

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