Commercial Cleaning Can Help Prevent Disease Outbreak in Public Bathrooms

23 October 2018

Public restrooms are notorious for being places where germs and diseases lurk, with very busy public bathrooms being avoided altogether if they appear unkempt. Even when bathrooms look clean, it doesn’t mean that they are really as clean as they look, deep down they can be a breeding ground for germs and diseases.

In fact, many surveys have revealed that most public bathrooms are not as clean as they look or should be. With that said, it is highly advised that facility managers hire professional commercial cleaners to maintain the cleanliness of their public restrooms, for the sake of everyone who uses them. Another consideration that surveys have revealed is that many public bathrooms are often neglected and not cleaned thoroughly.

Beyond Visual Dirt and Grime – Unseen germs

When cleaning public bathrooms there are two types of cleaning that needs to be done – cleaning for health and cleaning for visual appearance. While maintaining a clean bathroom appearance is important to make people feel comfortable and positively influencing people’s perception, it does not guarantee that harmful microorganisms are eliminated.

Microorganisms such as E. coli, Influenza, Hepatitis A, Salmonella, and Shigella are routinely found in public bathrooms, and their presence risks a disease outbreak. The main purpose of keeping public bathrooms clean and disinfected is to prevent illness-causing microorganisms from developing and spreading. This is why when it comes to cleaning public bathrooms, facility management should hire professional commercial cleaners.

Commercial Cleaning in Public Bathrooms can Prevent Disease Outbreak

Commercial cleaners have the training and experience to prevent the spread of diseases by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting public bathrooms. Using the right cleaning materials, commercial cleaners can effectively eliminate most illness-causing bacteria and pathogens from touch point surfaces, such as bathroom door handles, facet handles, toilets, and urinal handles, to prevent disease outbreak.

Hiring commercial cleaners also protects the reputation of businesses, as it guarantees that public bathrooms are not only hygienic and clean, but that they always look clean to customers and clients.

Public Toilet Cleaning Services You can Trust

If you want to make sure that your public bathrooms are as clean as they look, to prevent the outbreak and spread of disease, then contact the professionals at Australian Commercial Maintenance. Our commercial cleaners specialise in cleaning and sanitising all type of facilities and public bathrooms, using safe, non-toxic and natural cleaning products to eliminate pathogens and germs that can cause disease.

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