Chewing Gum on Sidewalks? A Professional Chewing Gum Removal Cleaning Service is the Answer

09 August 2022

Australians love chewing gum because it’s a delicious delight. However, some people will not properly dispose of gum. They may adhere them to the backs of chairs, the undersides of tables, and even the walls and pavement of your house. This not only makes the atmosphere dirtier, but it can also irritate other customers who come into contact with old gum.

Gum removal is possible, but it can damage walls and pavement if you don’t know how to handle it correctly. In addition, chewing gum frequently leaves a little quantity of gum residue behind after it is removed.

It’s here that professional chewing gum removal services come into play. A trained dental professional knows precisely what to do, and has access to high-tech tools that make gum removal a lot easier and more effective. Because of their greater expertise and familiarity with a wider range of surfaces, they can employ the most appropriate techniques for any given job at hand. As a result, the damage is minimised and gum removal is maximised.

Right Tools and Equipment

Gum removal can be attempted on one’s own, but there are several potential pitfalls. Damage and harm might result from using improper tools or methods. Pressure washing, on the other hand, is a quick and easy approach to getting rid of gum. As a result of the forceful water stream, a pressure washer is capable of blasting gum off any surface. If you want to get rid of gum more effectively, you can use hot water instead of cold. Pressure washing is not the ideal approach for surfaces like glass and carpet, but it is the best method for concrete, brick, wood, and vinyl surfaces to remove gum.

Purchasing or renting a pressure washing machine is easy and convenient at any home improvement store. You can save money by hiring a professional service if you don’t intend to utilise them frequently. As a result, pressure washing experts already know the appropriate PSI and cleaning products to use for each surface type.

Knowing Best About What We Do

To properly remove chewing gum and surface grime without harming the surface, we use low-pressure washers with water heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The germs and viruses that are typically found in gum on concrete can be eliminated using our procedure. Regular maintenance cleaning by our Commercial Restorations will improve the aesthetic of your property and eliminate chewing gum removal issues. Keep your pavements and other floors from being damaged while making your property look more attractive.

How We Can Help

Pressure washing is the greatest option for most households and businesses when it comes to removing chewing gum. Having the proper tools and expertise ensures that concrete surfaces remain clear of gum without causing irreversible harm. For many years, Australian Commercial Maintenance has been keeping Victoria and the surrounding areas clean. We’d be pleased to offer suggestions about how to keep your office or home spotless. Every day, we put our hot water pressure washing rigs to work, giving us the experience and equipment, we need to deliver amazing results while still providing top-notch service.

With a team of skilled and knowledgeable people, we can provide custom solutions. Our goal has always been to provide our clients with the highest level of cleaning and customer service possible. So what keeps you from dialling that phone? Contact us now!

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