Building Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Autumn and Winter Seasons

10 April 2018

During the autumn and winter seasons, it is vital that you clean and maintain your building in the right fashion for it to stay in the ideal condition. The dip in temperatures and other weather happenings that occur during these seasons can negatively affect the exterior and interior of your structure if you neglect to care for your building appropriately. To help you understand how to proceed with your maintenance and cleaning for these seasons, we offer you some tips below for your convenience.

Evaluate the Exterior Condition of Your Building

Examine the exterior condition or your building to learn the areas that need maintenance. Your gutters may require cleaning to ensure proper drainage, any wood elements may need painting or staining, weather stripping around windows and doors may need replacing, or the foundation might need patching just for some examples.

Tend the Landscape

Clear all spent blooms and other debris from the summer to start preparing the landscape for autumn and winter. Plant perennials and trees before the temperature drops too cold. Mulch all your garden areas and around the trees. Seed the lawn with the appropriate grass seed, so it can sprout first thing in the spring.

Ensure That Your Heating System Is Working Properly

Test your heating system to ensure that it works in an optimal condition. The last thing you want is to turn on the heat when temperatures dip only to find that it does not come on for one reason or the other. Change the filter and install a new thermostat if necessary. Other parts may also need attention or repairing.

Perform Any Improvements That the Interior Requires to Be Ready for Autumn and Winter

Another tip for maintenance and cleaning for autumn and winter is to perform any improvements on the interior that is necessary. Painting the walls while you can still open the windows is a good idea for one thing. Add a protective coating to your hardwood floors if the previous one is showing signs of wear. Shampoo carpets a bit more often since people will be tracking in more dirt and moisture during the autumn and winter months.

Inspect Your Walkways for Cracks and Issues

Check your walkways for cracks and other issues that need addressing before freezing temperatures hit. Cracks can enlarge if moisture seeps under the concrete and freezes. Repair bills will be higher if you let this happen. Autumn is an ideal time to pressure wash these elements to ensure that they are in an attractive condition and free of debris.

For additional building maintenance and cleaning tips for autumn and winter seasons, consult with Australian Commercial Maintenance. We offer a wide assortment of professional maintenance and cleaning services to ensure that your building is clean, in ideal condition and attractive all throughout the year.

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