Best Tips for Removing Graffiti from Various Property Surfaces

23 July 2021

Graffiti involves the integration of artistic markings on walls and other public areas, which is often related to expressing thoughts, ideas, and other symbolisms from specific groups. While some of these markings can be appealing, they often annoy property owners who want to preserve the looks and value of their spaces. They can likewise get frustrated since most of these markings are unauthorised.

If your property, however, obtains these markings, then you may want to remove them right away.

Typically, the first step in removing these markings is to identify the type of paint used to create them. Subsequently, you must know the type of surfaces that you have so that you can apply the best cleaning tool and method for removing the graffiti. If you have the following surfaces, you must make sure that the appropriate cleaning methods will be done to ensure the removal of graffiti markings.

Brick Surfaces

Properties with bricks often feature a lot of benefits. For one, these materials can withstand weather and other surrounding elements. They can also save tons of energy due to their excellent thermal performance. They are even low maintenance and sustainable. But even with these benefits, they can still be marked easily with graffiti.

The best way to remove graffiti markings on brick surfaces is to utilise multi-layer paint remover products. These products may work slowly in one day, but they can guarantee the removal of paint and other similar products on the surfaces. Some paint types that can be effectively removed by these products include alkyds, lacquers, latex, clear sealers, and many more. Multi-layer paint remover products can be applied with a brush, roller, or airless spray equipment.

Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is a material that is often used in creating walls, floors, walkways, and other spaces in public. What is great about concrete surfaces is that they can be durable in any environment. They can even possess a low carbon footprint, making them sustainable and eco-friendly. They likewise have the strength, durability, resilience, and longevity needed by structures and buildings.

But just like brick surfaces, concrete surfaces can also be bombarded with graffiti markings and paintings. The use of a soap-water solution and a pressure washer in removing the graffiti markings on concrete surfaces may be already enough. Additionally, graffiti removal products from reputable brands can be utilised to thoroughly make the surfaces clean. Even the multi-layer paint remover products used for brick surfaces can also be maximised to concrete surfaces.

Protective Coating

The addition of a protective coating after removing the graffiti markings can be a great way of protecting the appearance and value of your property surfaces. A protective coating can effectively generate a safeguarded barrier that can prevent graffiti markings from sticking to the surface easily. With this barrier, the removal of these markings can be done without any difficulties. Repainting the surfaces, alternatively, may be done if the graffiti markings cannot be removed entirely.

If you need some help in removing graffiti markings on your property, feel free to call us at Australian Commercial Maintenance.

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