Benefits of Window Washing Using Specialised Purified Water Machine

15 May 2019

When it comes to producing spot free results on glass, commercial cleaners are challenged to find the best solutions when cleaning the windows of their clients. To produce spot free results on glass after window washing, understanding the cause of spots and streaks is the first step in solving the problem.

It has been shown through tests that salts and ions in water are the culprits that cause spots and streaking on glass. To prevent spots and streaking, some commercial cleaners are now the using specialised purified water machines. These specialised purified water machine use water that have no salts and ions in it that cause streaking and spots to form on glass.

Window washing using specialised purified water is a very effective modern method of window washing. Compared to traditional window cleaning methods that use soap or detergents to wash and rinse window glass and frames, a specialised purified water machine uses only pure water.

Benefits of Window Cleaning with Pure Water

What is pure water? It is water that has all solid particles removed. Most municipal tap water is choke full of these contaminates that leave spots and streaks on glass. In fact, even bottled water has a high level of dissolved solids in it. Without these dissolved solids, window cleaning with pure water leaves no residue on glass surfaces, which is why window washing using specialised purified water machine is so popular with commercial cleaners.

Using portable purified water machines that provide pure water to water fed poles is an ideal way to clean multi storied buildings safely, as it prevents incidents of injury from ladder falls. Using water fed poles with a brush top to reach and wash windows, using pure water without salts and ions, is the solution to achieving spotlessly clean windows and also increases the safety of those who clean them.

Using water fed poles for window cleaning is very effective, as it results in sparkling clean and spotless windows. Purified water runs through a long pole and out the jets in the brush head, allowing window cleaners to be able to safely reach high windows to remove dirt from frames and sills. Special brush fibres are designed not to hold dirt and are soft on glass, and the soft bristles will not mark or scratch your windows.

After window washing using specialised purified water machine without any residue from cleaning products, detergents, or contaminates in the water, windows will actually stay cleaner longer because there is no film or residue for dirt and dust to stick to.

If you want sparkling windows that stay cleaner longer, then contact Australian Commercial Maintenance today, we use specialised purified water machines for window cleaning.

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