Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Cleaning Products in Childcare and Maternity Facilities

26 April 2022

Are you worried about the mothers and the children who are in your care? Their wellbeing is critical to the success of your facility as new research has found that chemicals and acids used in cleaning have serious repercussions on humans, especially on babies or mothers because these chemicals infiltrate through the skin.
So what is your responsibility?

You should use eco-friendly cleaning products that are bio-degradable and do not cause skin or eye irritation.

Take Care of Families

Using environmentally friendly cleaning products helps you protect the mothers and children against the skin and eye irritation. Conventional cleaning products have harsh ingredients and some women and children could be susceptible to these substances.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Present Fewer Risks

In some cases, cleaning products require special handling and may pose a risk to the employees who use them, especially if they are allergic to substances like bleach and detergent. These products can cause rashes, dry skin, and sometimes even eye irritation. Whereas natural biodegradable cleaning products are not as risky and do not cause any severe irritation. If a person comes into contact with these materials they are not harmful and don’t need special handling procedures. Employees do not need to use special precautions when handling them.

Pleasant Aroma

Standard cleaning products can often leave an unpleasant smell or aroma. In some cases, they have added artificial fragrances but the aroma wears off and the harsher ingredients begin to permeate the area. These substances can also cause allergies in some people.

Eco-friendly and organic cleaning products do not have chemicals so they don’t give you that chemical smell. Instead, you will have a citric smell or a natural ingredient smell like vinegar.

Eco-friendly Products Cost Less

You use a smaller amount of a biodegradable product. There is no need to use large quantities of these products. Often, you only need a few drops to clean large areas.

There Is A Huge Variety of Biodegradable Cleaners

There are different cleaners for special purposes. You can use natural floor cleaners, healthcare cleaning products, hand and skin cleansing products, wood and metal polishers, etc. Whether it’s organic or eco-friendly with biodegradable chemicals, there’s always an option to use cleaners that are not harmful to humans and the environment.

Biodegradable Products Help Create a Healthier Environment

The most important aspect of being eco-friendly on a personal level is to reduce toxic waste, and you can do that by using non-toxic products. As a result, the planet, your employees, and the mothers and children you work with will be healthier.

In the End

Eco-friendly and organic cleaners offer you a long-term positive effect, at least as long as the effect you currently get with standard cleaners. However, the benefit of using eco-friendly and organic cleaners is that you do not harm the water or the environment when you use them. So choose these types of cleaning products in places where like childcare centres and maternity facilities where you treat people, especially mothers and children.

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