Benefits of Pressure Washing in Graffiti Removal

08 April 2020

Graffiti or street art in Australia has been acknowledged globally due to its diversity. Melbourne, the capital of Victoria and the second largest city in Australia, is flooded by street art that can mostly be found in inner suburbs and along the suburban railway and tram lines. While they may convey important social messages, they can drastically affect the personal appearance of your property. If your property has been affected by this activity, then it may need a great cleaning and washing.

A great way of giving your property a clean look is through pressure washing. Pressure washing uses a powerful hose that has water jets with 100 to 200 times the pressure of the air around us. These water jets can remove loose paint, dirt, grime, mould, mud, dirt, and many others from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles, and concrete surfaces.

Pressure washing can be effective in removing graffiti as it can guarantee you tons of benefits.

Saves Time

When you pressure wash any residue of graffiti, you can expect to save a huge amount of time. With the correct type of pressure washer, the graffiti on your surface can be removed quickly. You may have disturbed some local graffiti artists in removing their craft easily, but it is also important for you to maintain cleanliness around your property and premises. In a short time, your property can bring back its respectable and professional look without any signs of overwhelming and invasive street art.

Prevents Repairs

Graffiti is usually made from polyurethanes, lacquers, enamels, oil paints, and many more. While they can also be used in coating walls and surfaces, some graffiti artists may not consider your property’s surface material. And when you don’t act quickly, your surface may end up deteriorating and getting severe damage since the elements used for graffiti may be harsh on your premises. With pressure cleaning, you can clean your property without causing more damage. Any risks of rotting and costly repairs are also prevented with this type of cleaning.

Promotes Health

Any signs of graffiti on your premises can physically and mentally affect the people around and inside your property. The build-up of pollen, pollutants, dust, algae, bird droppings and other dirty elements over your graffiti surfaces can be a great source of allergies or diseases. Moreover, the presence of these elements can bother and even distract some people. So, giving your property a healthy dose of pressure cleaning can improve the health condition of the people around and inside your vicinity.

Pressure cleaning your property with graffiti can be effective with the help of a chemical solvent solution. Once the graffiti paint is removed, the damage on your surface can be significantly reduced. To know more about pressure cleaning, you can give us a call at Australian Commercial Maintenance.

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