Benefits of Pressure Washing Decks and Docks

02 April 2019

Pressure washing services for decks and boat docks are always in demand, as it is the best way to keep surfaces clean by removing debris such as mud, dirt, mould, oil, and grease. The other main benefit of pressure washing decks and docks is that is also helps to preserve the longevity of wood.

While pressure washing is a very effective means of removing unsightly debris from hard surfaces, such as metal and concrete, when it comes to wood decks and boat docks, care must be taken when applying pressurised water. This is because wood is a soft surface that can be damaged when pressure washing or power washing using streams of hot water.

To avoid damaging wood decks and docks, a pressure washing wand that has a wide tip is used; that allows the operator to adjust water pressure as needed. This allows pressure washing technicians to adjust the stream of water to a medium or low force, to clean wood decks and docks without causing any damage.

It is recommended to hire professional cleaners to pressure wash wood decking and boat docks to avoid wood damage. Experienced pressure washing technicians not only understand the safe range to use on wood, between 500-700 psi, but will also follow the grain of the wood when applying pressurised water.

Steady, even strokes are used to remove debris and mildew from the surfaces of wooden decks and docks. When done properly, pressure washing wood decks and boat docks can produce amazing results.

Decks and Docks Benefit from Pressure Washing

There are many benefits of pressure washing decks and docks. The main benefit is safety, as debris such as mud, dirt, mould, oil, and grease on surfaces can become a hazard that could cause people to slip and fall. In this regard, regular pressure washing the surface of decks and docks makes them safer for people to traverse on.

Also, regular pressure washing keeps concrete and wood decks and docks looking their best, which is very important for commercial properties. In regard to wood decking and boat docks, regular pressure washing can not only keep these looking great, but can significantly help to extend their life and usefulness. If you want to preserve your commercial or residential decks and docks, by keeping them clean and free of debris, then professional cleaners can help.

At Australian Commercial Maintenance, we specialise in pressure washing concrete and wood decks and boat docks, and our experienced technicians will make sure that all hard surfaces are kept clean, and that soft surfaces such as wood are properly cleaned to prevent any damages.

For a free deck and dock cleaning estimate, contact us at Australian Commercial Maintenance.

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