Benefits of Deep Cleaning Before Moving Into a New Office

12 June 2018

Moving into a different office location does not come without risks, especially if the prior owners have not cleaned and maintained it properly. Even if the realty company says that the new office is ready for occupancy, you should take extra measures to ensure that the office is sanitary for use. One measure that should be at the top of your list is to hire a professional company to perform deep cleaning on the new office. You will reap the following benefits when you take this action.

Floors and Carpets Will Be Thoroughly Clean

Whether your flooring is of a carpeted or hard nature, it will receive the proper cleaning methods and solutions to ensure that it is thoroughly clean and free of dirt, dust, pollen and other debris. Professionals will sweep and mop laminate and vinyl floors, clean hardwood flooring with the right techniques and solutions, and vacuum and shampoo carpeting.

The Cupboards in the Break Room Will Be Free of Debris

Any cupboards in the break room and other areas of the office will be totally free of debris. No leftover crumbs or scraps of food, paper, dirt or other unwanted elements.

All Surfaces Will Be Cleaned and Disinfected

Surfaces such as countertops, desks, sinks and more will be not only be cleaned thoroughly, they will also be disinfected. This will ensure that there are no pathogens, mould or mildew are lingering to endanger the health of you or your employees, clients and visitors.

Bathrooms Will Be Safe for Use

Your office bathrooms are guaranteed to be safe for use when you hire professionals to deep clean your new office prior to moving into it. Hidden issues can lurk in unused toilets, sinks and even on the other surfaces in these rooms.

Windows, Doors, and Mirrors Will Sparkle From a Streak-Free Cleaning Session

Another benefit of professional deep cleaning your new office prior to move-in day is the fact that all the windows, doors, mirrors and other glass elements will sparkle from a cleaning session that leaves no streaks behind. When these elements are as clean as possible, they provide an attractive ambiance and effective light flow throughout the office.

Deep Cleaning Helps Support Healthy Air Quality for the New Office

Maybe the most important of all of these benefits to deep cleaning a new office is that it supports a healthy air quality for all who enter it. This type of cleaning removes the elements that can become air bourne to then, enter the nasal passages and lungs of people who breathe the air. Illnesses and respiratory reactions can occur in those sensitive to these unhealthy elements.

For further details about the benefits of professional deep cleaning before moving into a new office, consult with Australian Commercial Maintenance. We are experts in all aspects of commercial cleaning and deliver quality results with each job that we perform for our clients.

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