Basic Steps in Creating a Cleaning Plan for Properties during the COVID-19 Pandemic

08 April 2021

Owners of commercial and industrial properties have to come up with effective ways to ensure that their businesses can keep running during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of them would want their employees to be educated about the virus as well as all possible ways just to be safe from COVID-19. They might also require them to wear proper personal protective equipment like masks just to enhance their safety. Another way that they can do to ensure the safety of their properties is to generate a cleaning plan.

Both cleaning and disinfection are significantly important during these trying times. These activities have been very effective in preventing bacteria and viruses from spreading inside rooms and spaces. They can likewise maintain a clean look and appearance of properties despite their whole operations. With a cleaning plan, property owners can expect their properties to be cleaned and disinfected appropriately.

Property owners are advised to coordinate with professional cleaners when creating a cleaning plan for their properties. After all, this specific plan will be carried out mostly by the cleaners. The following are the basic steps in developing a great cleaning plan for your property during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Establish a Cleaning Plan

The first thing that must be done to achieve thorough cleaning and disinfection on your property is to develop a cleaning plan. One part of the plan is the enumeration of all areas and surfaces that must be cleaned and disinfected. Another part of the plan should be comprised of notable ways on how to clean and disinfect the mentioned areas and surfaces properly. Compatible cleaning tools, products, and other necessary things must likewise be listed and identified to avoid damaging surfaces and to ensure that the property will be cleaned and disinfected.

Execute the Cleaning Plan

Once the cleaning plan is established and finalised, the involved cleaning personnel must now implement everything that is included in the plan. Cleaning professionals should only utilise cleaning tools, products, and things enumerated on the plan since they have already been assessed during the development phase. High-touch surfaces are recommended to be cleaned with soap and water. The same combination of cleaning products can also be used in areas that already have dirty elements. The instructions from the cleaning agents must be followed to avoid causing any issues or problems.

Monitor the Cleaning Plan

The final step in ensuring the effectiveness of the cleaning plan is to continue monitoring it. Surfaces and spaces must be cleaned and disinfected continuously to check if the enumerated cleaning methods and products have been effective. Cleaning professionals, alternatively, must continue wearing personal protective equipment like masks and gloves for protection purposes. The cleaning plan, ultimately, must be revised constantly whenever there is new information about the COVID-19, especially when it comes to cleaning and removing them. Just ensure that the information will come from legitimate sources.

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