How Cleanliness in Educational Institutions Affects Students’ Performance

The cleanliness of educational institutions can affect student’s performance in more ways than one. Research shows that school cleanliness is highly important to productivity so it is deemed as one of the four most important building elements for an educational institution. An unclean, untidy environment can be detrimental to students’ learning experience. Here is how […]

Why is DIY Pressure Washing Not Advisable?

Because of the versatility and usefulness of pressure washing machines, more and more people desire to rent and use them around the house. This is also the case for commercial properties, as there are many interior and exterior areas small businesses can easily clean using pressure washing. However, although versatile and very useful for cleaning […]

Promoting Child and Women’s Health Through Clean Maternal Child Health Facilities

Maternal child health facilities are provided to help expecting mothers and new parents, with free health services for all families in Victoria that have small children from newborns to school age. At these facilities, maternal and child health services work with families and health professionals to provide information, education, and assistance on prevention, early detection, […]